BLACK CURTAIN RODS & POLES : The latest curtain trend

29th Oct 2013

BLACK CURTAIN RODS / POLES add a dramatic modern look to your window decor. All shades of black are now an important design color in todays home decoration. Light greys through to charcoal and black are making a real surgance in window coverings curtains, drapes, roller blinds and roman blinds. The nuetral cream, lattes and mochas in carpets have gradually moved to the cooler greys and charoals and window coverings have followed quickly.

We are now seeing the accessories for curtains moving in this way also. Black curtain tracks, rods and poles are becoming ever more popular. In particualar matt black curtain rods.

When considering your curtain rods we say "DONT OVERLOOK BLACK CURTAIN RODS and POLES" They are stylish, timeless and add that extra design element to your rooms decor.

We love this image.. How great does the black curtain rod look against the black window frame?