24th Jan 2014

The Aiken commercial roller blind is designed as an alternative to quality custom made roller blinds. Cheap Blinds dont need to be cheap quality! if you hunt around online and buy from a specialist company you can find evryday low prices. Not a clearance BLIND SALE but every day great prices. Quickfit Blinds and Curtains have over 25 years experience in the window furnishings business and you cant beat the prices.. The AIKEN PREMIUM ROLLER BLIND starts at $35.00. You get a quality 100% blockout coated fabric, commercial quality side mechanism, 38mm thich top tube, stainless steel side chain, large sturdy metal wall fittings and powder coated bottom rails. These blinds can be easily cut to size in the width for that perfect fit. Instructions are included in the pack. To see what other people think about this company you can see some reviews here >>

They offer a 30 day no fuss return policy and the staff are knowledgable and easy to contact. Need more information contact quickfit blinds and curtains here >>>

TIP: Use multple smaller blinds to cover a large bank of windows or sliding doors. This allows you to have some up and some down. Helps with letting the air into the room, going in and out of a sliding door, openning windows and doors easily. We think multple blinds look better than one huge blind which tends to look like an enourmous sheet...