5 Things Great Homes Have In Common

16th May 2016

The home is where the heart is. The home is also where the beds are for a good night’s rest, where the kitchen table is for great supper conversations, and where the sofa is for gathering and relaxation. There are many different elements that make up a great home, and it was tough to narrow down the list of great home characteristics to create this blog post. In an effort to be a bit more creative during this post, trust that I love the home characteristics mentioned earlier but won’t mention them again in the list. I’m going to narrow it down to the little details that make all the difference.

Little Things That Make A Home Great

Real Plants

Greenery in the home adds colour, oxygen, and natural beauty. Nurture plants with your green thumb to keep your home fresh and lively.

Lovely Window Coverings

We can’t help but include window coverings in our post. We simply love them! Whether you love the simple look of roller blinds or the lush look of traditional curtains, you can’t deny that windows with coverings look 10-times better than uncovered, plain windows. Shop online for blinds and curtains.

Good Lighting

Natural and artificial light are both welcome in a cozy home. Any room that is too dark is uncomfortable. Open your windows during the day to let in sunlight, and turn on lamps during the evening to keep the room lit and calm.

Organized Knick-Knacks

Everyone loves to collect little knick-knacks, trinkets, gewgaws, etc. to remember special trips or moments. Highlight these tchotchkes in an organized clutter by placing them on the mantle, bookshelf, or other public place. They’re a great conversation starter.

Books, Books, Books

A home is never lacking if it has books. (Personally, I don’t trust people who don’t own at least one book). Not only do books do wonders for the mind, but they make excellent room decorations.

Now that you know to add plants, books, tchotchkes, lights, and to shop online for blinds and curtains to decorate windows, your home can be one of the greats.