A Good Guest Room Has Blockout Curtains

17th Oct 2016

With the warm weather approaching, travel bugs across the country are leaving their dens and venturing off to see their friends and family. If you have guests coming to stay with you, chances are you've started putting your guest bedroom together to accommodate them during their stay.

We're not contesting that having guests in the house is a lot of fun. There are always people around for conversations, and when your friends or family have travelled interstate to come see you, they'll usually be rearing to go off on a local adventure and make the most of their trip away. Hosting guests can be a lot of work, however, especially if you are also responsible for their entertainment.

Thankfully, there is one simple thing that you can do before guests arrive that will make an incredible difference for their stay: hang blockout curtains in the guest room so they can sleep well at night. Step one is to buy the blockout curtains online!

But what exactly is it that makes blockout curtains such a must-have accessory your guest room? Read on to unearth all the benefits that you and your guests can reap with these quality window coverings.

Blockout Curtains For Your Guest Room

What Are Blockout Curtains?

Blockout curtains are a type of curtain that has a thicker material which blocks the sunlight from entering the room when the curtains are drawn. They come in many different curtain styles: eyelet, pinch pleat, and pencil pleat. While curtains provide essential function, they also add a decorative touch. At Quickfit, blockout curtains are available online in nearly every colour.

How Do They Help Guests?

After a long day adventuring through the city, your guests will likely want to have a good and long night's sleep. It's common for people to feel a little uncomfortable sleeping in a place other than their own bed. You can help guests sleep well by hanging blockout curtains. These will help keep out the sunlight and block a bit of the outside noise. It's these elements of light and noise control that make blockout curtains so popular amongst shift workers and international travellers. 

Blockout curtains have been known to be a highly beneficial resource when it comes to correcting jetlag, so rest assured that any guests who have travelled from overseas won't have to spend precious days of their limited holiday time bouncing back from the act of moving through multiple time zones. 

Eliminating external distractions means a better chance for good, healthy, and happy rest that can ensure your guests are ready to take on whatever new adventures await them in the morning!

How Can You Style Blockout Curtains?

As our selection of blockout curtains available online come in a range of different colours and textures, you will undoubtedly be able to find a set of curtains that works best for your guest room. You can also style blockout curtains effortlessly using decor that don't just adhere to one interior design scheme. Decor like indoor plants and single-toned cushions and throws will be sure to pop off the vibrant backdrop that blockout curtains create when they're drawn together.

Be sure to check out our selection of blockout curtains online at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains today. If you had any queries regarding custom-made curtains for your guest room, don't hesitate to get in touch with our stellar team. We're always happy to help.

Happy holidays!