A Good Night’s Rest Means A Day Full Of Fun

21st Jan 2016

The key to having a successful day stems from a night full of healthy rest and recovery. Studies show that adults function in prime condition after receiving six to eight hours of good sleep per night. Although you can make sure you’re in bed early enough to meet this deadline, simply closing your eyes to rest is not enough to ensure good sleep. Good sleep is defined as one where your body is able to rest and heal properly, as opposed to some nights that render restless sleep full of tossing and turning. Did you know that if you buy blockout curtains online and hang them in your bedroom, you’re more likely to have a night of good sleep?

A night of good rest means you’ll have plenty of energy to get you through a day full of fun activities. These activities listed here are some of our favourites!

Early Bird Beach Ride On Mornington Peninsula

Start your day bright and early with a two hour horse ride through the white sands of St. Andrews Ocean Beach. It starts at 7.00AM to catch the lovely sunrise. Riders must be at least 10 years of age, but there is no required experience level.

Hike Through The Prom

Continue to soak in the great outdoors with bushwalking and hiking through Wilsons Promontory National Park. This pristine park is a sight for everyone’s eyes. It is home to curvaceous coastlines, popping pink peaks, and heavy history. You’ll need full body and mind energy to truly enjoy this one!

Brewery Tour At Carlton Brewhouse

Finish the day with a pub meal and brewery tour at Melbourne’s local Carlton Brewhouse. This is Australia’s largest brewery. After a day full of outdoor adventures, you’ll love winding down at Carlton’s. Eat a large meal and head home for another night of great rest.

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