A Sophisticated Curtain Option for Baby's Room

19th Feb 2016

Gone are the days of cartoon characters and garish colour combinations in baby's nursery. Today's nurseries are softer, more subtle, and are designed to be rooms that convey a sense of relaxation and peace. We love this nursery trend, as it gives both baby and mom alike a restful retreat within their home. We carry a variety of curtains online that are perfect for today's sophisticated nursery, but one thing you'll want to make sure your nursery has is blockout curtains.

The Benefits of Blockout Curtains For Nurseries

Blockout curtains effectively keep external light out of your interiors at a far better capacity than other curtains. This can help with sleep training, or when you are trying to get your baby on the right sleep schedule. 

Blocking out the light may encourage your little one to sleep longer, too, since the bright light of the early morning sun won't signal to them that it's time to wake up. 

Our Recommendation

Contrary to popular belief, blockout curtains don't have to be heavy, boring drapes either. We especially love this set of Bergen Room Darkening Curtains, available online and at a great price point for all you new parents. These curtains are available in a range of colours, including white, khaki, chocolate and sand -- a popular colour for today's gender-neutral nurseries. These curtains are sophisticated without being old-fashioned for your baby, and their design isn't just ideal for nurseries either, meaning these curtains won't have to be swapped out as your child grows older. 

These custom curtains are available in our online store in pencil pleats, reverse tabs or eyelets, and can be shipped to you in the width and height that you need. 

Other Nursery Necessities 

Need other ideas for your nursery? Here are some must-have items for every modern nursery interior: 

  • A comfortable rocking chair. Don't discount how much time you'll be spending in baby's room, especially at night. A nicely padded rocking chair can give you and your baby a cosy place for feedings and rocking back to sleep. Try coordinating your chair with your curtains for a more put-together look. 
  • A changing station. Some families use them, and some find the floor to be just as convenient. A changing table (or a converted dresser) can help you keep changing supplies organised, as well as give you a place to store those often-needed clothing items like clean onesies and socks. 
  • A plush rug. A nice rug on the floor in a coordinating colour to your nursery decor can add instant design credibility to your room. Not only that, but a rug underfoot will also give your feet a cosy place to stand for all the late-night feedings and changes. Plus, as baby gets older, it gives them a soft surface upon which they can explore and play. 

We carry a variety of items in our online store that are perfect for your new baby's room. Check out our Westwood Nursery Blockout Curtains as well as a variety of other styles that will be sure to please. If you'd like to shop by colour, you can also use the fantastic colour filter feature on our online store to greatly simplify your buying experience. 

Place an order with us today and take advantage of our $9.95 flat rate shipping! We'll get all of your items on their way to you as soon as possible--curtains are usually ready to ship in as little as four business days. That way you can start putting together your nursery right away!