'Are curtains modern?': The results are in on modern window coverings!

Posted by Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 5th Dec 2017

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Curtains have been around for hundreds of years. Over time, the styles of curtains have certainly changed, but are they still popular today? We’ve conducted a poll with more than 125 people to see if curtains are still a “thing” or if they are a style of the past.

Are You On #TeamCurtains or #TeamBlinds?

Overwhelmingly, #TeamCurtains takes the win here. About two-thirds of the group said curtains are better than blinds with 66.4 percent responding to the survey on Team Curtains.

So with this question alone, we can assume that curtains are still a modern style choice. They are both functional and decorative, something that every window can use.

Which Length Of Curtains Is Best?

The most popular answer from customers is to hang curtains just below the window sill. It was closely followed by an answer to hang the curtains directly at the window sill level. Some other popular answers were to hang the curtains so they puddle on the floor. Others like to hang the curtains from the ceiling to the floor, giving the window quite a dramatic look indeed.

Where Should Curtains Start

This question connects with the one about length, but it is more focused on the position of curtain height. Nearly three-fourths, 74.8 percent, said curtains should start above the window frame. The next most popular answer was to hang the curtains at the top edge of the window frame, with 22 percent of customers selecting this option. Furthermore, we had some stylists who like to hang curtains below the window frame and some who say it depends entirely on the window shape, as well as how far it is from the ceiling and the wall — all very important factors when decorating with curtains.

Where Are Curtains Supposed To Fall?

According to 69 percent of those who took the survey, curtains are supposed to fall directly straight to the desired length. Other answers included letting the curtains fall all the way to the floor. Many people like the idea of the curtains falling to the proper length but being pulled to the side for a beautiful, draped look.

Are Blinds Still In Style?

With all of this chatter about the popularity of curtains in today’s modern style, the topic of blinds naturally came up too. Turns out, blinds are still a popular choice for windows. Many people like to use blinds and curtains together to decorate the same window. Others have curtains only on some windows and blinds only on others. It really depends on what the room demands. That’s the beauty of how Quickfit sells our curtains and blinds — by the individual panel.

No matter how you choose to decorate your windows, you can rest assured that curtains are still a modern style choice. Choose from a variety of fabric types, colours, and lengths to suit your fancy. Connect with our customer service team for some interior design tips to really find the right curtain panel for your look.

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