Are Your Blinds Safe For Your Children?

17th Mar 2016

Here at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, your quality source for blinds online, we want to make sure that your window coverings and blinds are safe to use for the whole family, including the youngest and most curious members of your family. 

Did you know that window coverings are actually one of the top five hidden home hazards? 

That's why here at Quickfit, our blinds always include child safety mechanisms to ensure that our product is safe for your children and even your pets. Today, we're going to take a closer look at the most common risk elements found in blinds to ascertain whether your home's current window coverings are safe, or if they may need to be swapped out for a more modern, risk-free alternative.

The unfortunate truth here is that strangulation injuries and deaths can occur anywhere in your home where there's a window covering with a cord installed. Children between seven months and 10 years of age can easily wrap the cord from your window covering around their necks or otherwise become entangled in the loops.

It's important that you only purchase blinds with child safety mechanisms such as ours. Blinds and other window covering cords can present the following risks to your small children and pets:

1. Pull Cords

Pull cords are perhaps among the most infamous design elements when it comes to matters of safety in the household. Children can easily become strangled when the pull cord on your blinds wraps around their necks. The possibility for your child to become entangled or trapped by the loop created by loose cords is also a reality. 

We recommend opting for modern blinds with shorter pull cords, or at least installing cord safety wraps or clips to keep excess cording secure and out of your child's reach when your blinds are rolled up.

2. Nylon Cords or Looped Bead Chains

In a similar fashion to pull cords, children can easily become entangled or be strangled with these free-hanging cord loops. What's more is that looped bead chains may also become a choking hazard in themselves as beads may be able to come loose with vigorous tugging. As toddlers continue to develop their fine motor skills, they'll be likely to play rough with any blind cords or chains that hang loose and are thus, available to them. It's imperative that you make sure these nylon cords or beaded chains are kept securely in place using hold-down cord clips.

Nylon cords and looped bead chains have also been known to damage children's teeth, so it's best to keep them either out of reach of any smaller children in your home using cord clips, or replace your blind panels with some of our more modern blind alternatives.

3. Inner Cords in Roman Shades

Although Roman shades may seem like a safer alternative to regular slat blinds, they can also be as much of a hazard themselves simply due to the inner cords these shades rely on in order to function at their best. 

If your child pulls out an exposed inner cord from the back side of a Roman shade, it's very easy for them to become strangled as the cord can get wrapped around their neck. As these cords are also integral to the function of these shades and thus cannot be kept out of reach of children using cord clips, it's best to try and keep these window coverings away from young children until they're old enough to understand the real risks involved in fidgeting with these shade blinds.

This is also the reason why Roman shades are now most commonly used in kitchen and dining spaces as well and less in more high-traffic living or bedroom areas throughout your home.

4. Lifting Loops In Roll-Up Blinds

When lifting loops slide off the side of the roll-up blinds, it's possible for children to become entangled or even strangled by the resulting free-standing loop. As roll-up blinds can also be difficult to maintain when it comes to their shape, these blind designs have generally been cast out of most homes and homemaker showrooms over time. 

If you're looking for an alternative to your roll-up blinds, it may be worth considering honeycomb blinds. These elegant, modern window coverings are just as easy to operate, and have the added bonus of being free from cords, making them the perfect window covering solution for families with pets or young children.

Are your blinds posing a safety hazard to your children? Rest assured that here at Quickfit, our online blinds offer a safety mechanism for children to prevent them from obtaining serious injuries in your home. Shop today or contact us to enquire about getting you and your wider household some custom made blind panels today.