Are Your Blinds Safe For Your Children?

17th Mar 2016

Here at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, your quality source for blinds online, we want to make sure that your window coverings and blinds are safe for your small children. Did you know that window coverings are actually one of the top five hidden home hazards? Our blinds always include child safety mechanisms to ensure that our product is safe for your children and even your pets. Today, we're going to take a closer look at whether or not your current window coverings are safe.

The unfortunate truth is that strangulation injuries and deaths can occur anywhere in your home where there's a window covering with a cord installed. Children between seven months and 10 years of age can easily wrap the cord from your window covering around their necks or otherwise become entangled in the loops.

It's important that you only purchase blinds with child safety mechanisms such as ours. Blinds and other window covering cords can present the following risks to your small children and pets:

  1. Pull Cords: Children can easily become strangled when the pull cord wraps around their necks. The possibility for your child to become entangled or trapped by the loop created by loose cords is also a reality.
  2. Nylon Cords or Looped Bead Chains: In these free-hanging loops, children can easily become entangled or be strangled. 
  3. Inner Cords in Roman Shades: If your child pulls out an exposed inner cord from the back side of a Roman shade, it's very easy for them to become strangled as the cord can get wrapped around their neck.
  4. Lifting Loops In Roll-Up Blinds: When lifting loops slide off the side of the roll-up blinds, it's possible for children to become entangled or even strangled by the resulting free-standing loop.

Are your blinds posing a safety hazard to your children? Our online blinds offer a safety mechanism for children to prevent injury or death. Shop today!