Top Tips For Designing Autumn Inspired Interiors

Posted by QuickFit Blinds & Curtains on 12th Apr 2022

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons here at Quickfit, and not just because of its singular aesthetics alone. Often seen as Winter’s twin sister in that Aussie Autumns are generally accompanied by chills, foggy mornings, and warm cups of spiced tea, this season is stunningly complementary to the act of lounging around the house in luxury. Autumn essentially presents us with the perfect weather to really enjoy our homes and the interiors that we’ve lovingly created for not just ourselves, but also our friends and family.

Of course, it’s only natural to want to bring the modest beauty of this season to life in your home’s interior design scheme, which is precisely why we’ve always ensured to stock thick and textured curtains and blinds in a range of colours to suit every Autumn inspired colour palette. Today, we’ll also be outlining some of our favourite Autumn coloured curtains alongside providing you with a few tips and tricks on how to create truly vivid and inviting autumnal interiors.

Read on to kickstart your seasonal decor swapover for this rich and vibrant season.

Embrace warm colours amidst overcast backdrops

As we touched upon just now, the most prominent feature of this season has to be its warm colour palette. With rosy reds, proud oranges, and friendly yellows to play with, alongside maybe some chestnut brown tones or other neutral colours like eggshell to work with for your backdrop, autumnal interiors are absolutely known for being highly dynamic and delightfully multidimensional.

We highly recommend going for earthy toned flooring to mimic forest landscapes, with warmer tones dotting the vertical space across your room as well as your furniture or larger pieces of decor. You can drape warm blankets or throws over your couch to instantly “autumnify” your living room space, as throws will help provide colour, warmth, and texture all in one.

red autumn curtains

If you’re looking for the ultimate, vibrant Autumn coloured curtain panel, we have to recommend our Portsea Red Home Theatre Blockout Curtains. These curtains are amongst some of our best-selling curtain panels here at Quickfit, both because of their timeless red colour - perfect for building any home theatre space - as well as their thick, noise-absorbing build and blockout capabilities.

Our Portsea curtains are also included in our range of custom made curtains, so you can provide us with the dimensions you’ll need in order to receive curtains that are tailor-made to suit your home’s interiors.

Add texture to your Autumn interior design scheme

With all the blankets, throws, and cushions that will be entering your autumnal interiors in time for this season, we absolutely have to mention that our selection of our favourite Autumn coloured curtains hasn’t just been curated based on colour alone. Considering texture will be just as vital to curating gorgeous Autumn inspired interiors as incorporating a warm colour palette.

For this reason, we highly recommend you look at our glowing selection of highly textured velvet curtains to add a soft shimmer to your Autumn spaces that may mimic the glimmer of morning dew on crimson leaves. Our velvet curtains are available in a range of colours, including emerald green, and shades of grey to provide your Autumn inspired interiors with some highly dynamic backdrops.

pink velvet autumnal curtains

Our favourite colour in our collection of velvet curtains has to be the soft yet strong Rosewood Pink of our Eton Velvet Eyelet Curtains. This muted pink will greatly complement the overcast views from your windows throughout this sleepy season, as well as providing your interiors with a satisfying break from warm Autumn colours.

Statement curtains to match your Autumn decor

Contrary to popular belief, however, statement curtains don’t necessarily need to be in vivid colours in order to make a statement. This rings especially true when you consider how naturally loud the warmer colours that make up Autumn palettes tend to be.

sheer autumn curtains

If you are looking for statement curtains to add an extra touch of dynamism to your Autumn inspired interiors that may already be too heavy on red or orange accents, then our Genoa Sheer Curtains in Ivory may very well be the missing piece to your final design scheme. Our Genoa Sheer Curtains are designed with an open weave in order to produce a delicate drape effect despite being made with high-quality and highly durable cheese cloth-like polyester material.

The sharp yet still muted colour of our Ivory Genoa Sheer Curtains make this particular curtain panel perfectly suited for balancing out interiors with louder, solid colours that are found both on the warm and cool colour spectrums. As these curtains are also sheers, they’re perfect for letting soft, Autumn dappled daylight filter into your home’s interiors, providing your home with organic lighting to fit the season’s muted, introspective atmosphere.

golden autumn curtains

Another similar curtain panel that will get an honourable mention as another favourite statement style to complement autumnal interiors is our Anton Linen Style Pleated Wave Curtains in Gold Chai. The rich, yellow hue of these panels will naturally greatly complement foggy Autumn mornings filled with spiced tea, hence the name we’ve given this particularly glorious, golden tone.

Prioritise keeping out seasonal chills

Last but not least, whilst we have spoken here and there about the value that blankets, throws, and cosy cushions can add to your Autumn inspired interiors, it’s still worth noting that Australian Autumns can get rather nippy at the worst of times. This is definitely a season that prompts you to start preparing for chillier Winter weather sooner than you think, simply because Autumn days are already not so far away from how our homes can feel in mid-July.

If you want to keep both your home’s utilities bills and overall carbon footprint to an equally modest size this season, then it’s really never too early to brainstorm ways to keep the seasonal chills at bay. You can boost your home’s ability to regulate its interior temperatures in a few ways, but investing in some quality thermal curtains for window insulation is inarguably among the best methods for readying your home for chillier weather.

brown autumn curtains

Our curtain recommendation here would have to be our Bergen Pleated Wave Thermal Curtain Panels in Brown, however our Bergen thermal curtains will be sure to add warmth and vivacity to your interiors in whatever colour you choose for your interiors. The thick, dark brown fabric of this curtain panel in that particular colour option has always been one of our favourite Autumn coloured curtains here at Quickfit, simply because our designers see it as the perfect tone of brown to pay homage to forest sceneries.

Pleated wave thermal curtains may also help you provide extra depth and texture to your home’s interiors, as well as boosting the cosiness of any interior space. These curtains will undoubtedly feel right at home in living room and bedroom spaces in particular.


Although we have explored a range of warmer colours and muted colours in our selection of Autumn coloured curtains, it’s important to note that the ideal curtain panels to use in your Autumn inspired interiors are definitely going to be the curtains that align with your unique seasonal home design scheme. Feel free to mix and match with the colours, curtain styles, and other suggestions that we’ve outlined above when finetuning your Autumn home design scheme in order to find the designs that work best with your interiors