Back to Nature With a Neutral Palette. Decorating with Organic, Natural Coloured Ready Made Curtains

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design RMIT: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 27th Feb 2015

Organic is everywhere! First its our vegetables, then our fruit, then the chickens, the cows. What now? It's our ready made curtains! You might wonder how organic ready made curtains can get.

What we mean is natural, organic colours: whites, soft creams, light straw. These are the types of colours you might find in nature.

Its quite simple: if organic is the word for 2015, then every industry follows suit. The organic natural revolution has made its way into our living room. We express our love of all things organic with texture and colour. 

A favourite natural pallet is all shades of cream. Work with 4. Your natural coloured carpets and curtains will create your canvas, and then you need one more key colour and an accent.

Here is a really easy one for you to create and it looks fabulous. You can imagine relaxing in this space morning, noon, and night.

Natural or off-white cream curtains and carpets and two other shades of cream - a light and a darker accent.

Husk Sheer Eyelet Curtain | Carlilse Homes  Natural Colour Pallet for decorating with cream curtains

 Natural Off White Pinch Pleat Curtains      

Start exploring and create your natural organic haven in your home. Find a huge collection of white and cream curtains in our online store.

* Room shots from Carlisle Homes Melbourne Display