A Few More Tips For Decorating With Colour

23rd Sep 2016

When it comes to decorating a home, one of the first thoughts that pops into mind is colour. How well do colours in the room match? Should the colour scheme change? What accent items can add to the room? Decorating with colour is full of possibilities, and there are a few notes to keep in mind to make decorating more fun and colourful. From finding inspirationfollowing trends, and seeking ideas by looking at your own wardrobe, it seems like decorating with colour cannot be more simple. Or can it?

Let’s find out.

Decorating With Colour Is Easy When You...

Focus On What’s Already Present

Redecorating can get pricy, which is why starting with what you have is a good secret. For starters, are you planning on replacing furniture to start fresh? If not, what colour is the furniture in the room? Building from these set pieces is a good way to stick to budget and keep the colour theme strong. Instead of working on a blank canvas, think of it as working on a not-so-blank canvas.

Venture Into A Pop Of Bold

It is necessary to add a bold look to a room if you want it to really have personality. It does not need to be overbearing nor blinding. A bold colour can be an accent, or it can take over the whole room. Go for the red walls with neutral accents, or paint the walls a neutral colour and add a popping accent, such as bright blue curtains over the window.

These colourful decorating tips are not done yet! Stay tuned for another post about how to best incorporate colour into the decor of your space.

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