Caring For Sheer Curtains To Prolong The Fabric Life

14th Apr 2016

Sheer curtains are a beautiful addition to every home. They lie delicately in front of windows, giving the room a breezier, lighter, and more elegant feel. As a delicate touch to your room, it’s imperative that these curtains are properly cared for to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. We want your curtains to last until you want to change your style. Don’t have any sheers hanging in your home yet? Shop for sheer curtains online and be sure to follow these care tips as soon as they are hung.

How To Care For Sheer Curtains

Prevent Fading

The curtains hanging in front of windows that get a lot of natural sunlight will fade in time. Therefore, it’s best to hang light coloured sheer curtains in the windows with ample sunlight and dark coloured curtains in other places. The light colours make it harder to notice the fading colours, thus allowing you to prolong the life of the curtains.


All of our sheer curtains will come with specific laundry instructions for you to follow directly. Overall, we recommend that sheer curtains are hand washed and dried on the line.

Remove Wrinkles

Hanging the curtains on the line to dry is a great way to eliminate many wrinkles that can come from washing sheers. However, some curtains may still get wrinkled. Many sheer curtains can handle being ironed on a low heat setting, but please check the tag on your particular panel to ensure this is safe prior to moving forward.

There’s so much more to learn about sheer curtains online, so stay tuned!