Do You Struggle To Wake Up On Time? Curtains May Help.

28th Jul 2016

If you’re a night owl but your current schedule makes you rise with the crack of dawn, you may truly benefit from some tips from a morning person. And since this morning person happens to run an online curtain business, you can bet that one of my tips has to do with choosing the right curtains for your lifestyle. The good news is we sell affordable curtains online, so you can always buy more than one set to ensure every angle of your life is well covered. Now, without further ado, let’s get down to some tips to help you, the night owl, wake up on time.

Tips For A Night Owl Who Needs To Become A Morning Bird

Stop racing the clock every morning because you wanted to snooze for five extra minutes. Not only is waking up on time a good idea, punctuality is actually known to help increase people’s happiness, productivity, and performance in the workplace.

Set Your Alarm Across Your Room

Get yourself out of bed right away by forcing yourself to rise and shut off the alarm. Set the alarm on the opposite side of your bed. Once you’re up, it’ll be easier to convince yourself to skip the snooze.

Use Sheer Curtains

Blockout curtains can be a night owl’s favourite purchase; that is, if said night owl has the luxury of sleeping during the day. However, to help yourself get out of bed with the sun, let the sun come into your room. A body’s natural circadian clock is activated by sunlight, and sheer curtains letting in that sun help wake you up every day.

Give Yourself Time

By snoozing your alarm and pushing yourself to a crunched amount of time each morning, you’re encouraging stress from the very beginning. Instead, allow yourself more time in the morning to wake up, eat breakfast, read, relax, or meditate. What I’ve noticed works best for me is to wake up and get out of bed one hour before I need to leave. That way, I’m not trying to wake up while at work when I need to be alert. It can be hard to immediately adjust your schedule, so try to wake up 10 - 15 minutes earlier each week until you are at a comfortable time.

Most of these tips are easily implemented without too much effort, so snag yourself some sheer curtains online to complete the trio to turn yourself into a graceful morning bird.