Curtains In Nearly Every Colour

8th Jul 2016

As Quickfit is one of Australia’s top leading retailers for blinds and curtains online, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our inventory always includes blinds and curtains of many different colours and styles; not to mention that we offer custom curtains and blinds, so you truly can find the perfect window treatment for your home.

Today, we’re looking to show off some of our favourite curtains in every colour. This two-part blog may end up looking a bit like a rainbow, but that’s the beauty of our store. We’re proud to have a great selection for all different tastes and needs.

Shop By Curtain Colour

Follow the header link for a quick glimpse at all of the curtain colours available online with Quickfit. There are black curtains, grey curtains, cream curtains, white curtains, brown curtains, natural curtains, green curtains, blue curtains, pink curtains, purple curtains, and red curtains.

We’ll be looking in-depth with each one of these colours, focusing on how to style them in your home, and the different types or styles of curtains you can find within each colour specification.

Shop By Curtain Fabric

Even though these two blog posts will revolve around the different colours we offer and how best to incorporate them into your space, we also offer our shoppers the choice to filter by curtain style instead of colour as well. We know all too well that sometimes it’s not the colour that makes the biggest difference, but rather, the material of which the curtain is made.

Black curtains

There’s no need to scour the internet for black curtains online, nor on tips on how best to use this unique colour. Quickfit is here to provide you with both high-quality black curtains, as well as how best to style them in your home.

When styling a room with black curtains, keep in mind that black is a versatile colour. Considered a neutral colour style, black curtains go with nearly any room decor. This unique hue serves as a good, strong contrast to a lightly painted room, or can also be used to add to the moody feel of a deep coloured wall. Black curtains don’t look as good with navy walls because the colours look too similar, but not close enough that you could bridge the gap with your decor.

Black Bond Eyelet Room Darkening Curtains

The room darkening properties of this curtain panel prevent unwanted sunlight from entering your room, allowing you to have full control of the light availability in your home. These curtain panels run for $45.95 per panel and are one of the more affordable black room darkening curtains online and in Quickfit’s collection. The eyelet header makes it easy to install on a curtain rod, and gives these curtains an even look across your window.

STRING Curtain Panel / Fringe Room Divider

This black curtain does not hang in front of a window; instead, we display it as a room divider between the kitchen and living space. Its sheer properties make it inviting, decorative, and its delicate ability to create distinct zones in your home can add a bit of dimension to any open space. You can buy this decorative panel for $19.95.

Grey curtains

When looking for grey curtains online, look no further than Quickfit’s extensive collection of grey curtains and blinds, available in a variety of tones and styles.

Grey curtains can feel effortlessly classy and chic when they’re styled correctly. These curtains can complement any monochromatic or minimalist space by acting as a bridge between black and white coloured furniture or accents.

Skagen Light Grey Baby Blockout Curtains

Not sure what colour the window coverings in your nursery should be? How about a nice, soft, neutral grey? The beautifully modern grey panels shown here are blockout panels, but they’re a little different from your typical blockout curtains.

These curtains have been designed with a triple weave Pitch Black Technology, to ensure that your baby’s nursery is always nice and dark for naptime. The insulating properties of their design will also make temperature regulation of your nursery an effortless endeavour. Their wide pleats also make them easy to handle, so that you can pull or push them even whilst carrying your baby.

BRISTOL Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains Grey

The sheer look of these elegant pinch pleat curtains has an opposite effect with sunlight when compared to the blockout curtains shown above. The sun can shine into the room, but you can still maintain some privacy between you and the outside world. The longer curtain look is another trending style, drawing the eye toward the bottom of the window.

Add grey curtains to your home by shopping for curtains online with Quickfit. Every purchase has a flat $9.95 shipping rate.

Cream curtains

As one of our favourite neutral coloured curtains here at Quickfit, cream curtains add a bright feeling to every room. Whether you have bright or dark coloured walls, our range of cream curtains will be sure to delicately complement the light availability of your interior space by carrying a light shimmer across all your furniture and decor.

SHIMMER Sheer Pinch Pleat in Ivory

These shimmery pinch pleat curtains are soft to the touch and will hang with balance, letting through lots of evenly filtered sunlight. The double pleats will ensure a consistently styled and sophisticated look. These particular curtains are made with voile, a light polyester material that is easy to care for and keep clean. They are available in four different sizes, starting at $49.95.

Custom Made Blockout Blind Classic Ivory

For homes and businesses who are looking to maintain flexibility with their interior design scheme, the best window coverings aren’t curtains at all, but a quality set of roller blinds in a flattering, cream tone. These cream roller blinds are like a blank canvas upon which you can craft a plethora of design styles for your interiors. The blockout functionality can ensure you maintain total control of light availability, making these blinds a must-have for any bedroom set-up.

You can buy cream curtains online without fuss right here at Quickfit. If you have any questions about getting a custom-made fit for your home, do not hesitate to give us a call.

White curtains

Do you have an eye for precision? Do you detest doing things halfway? If you’re a fan of creating unapologetically gorgeous interiors, then our range of white curtains and blinds might be just what you need to pull your home design plans together.

White curtains and blinds are elegant, classic, modern, and just what you need to add a refined sense of airiness to any interior space. Whether you want to keep your designs simple with lightly coloured walls, or are looking to leave yourself the freedom to mix and match with other colours or patterns throughout your interior space, white curtains will provide you with a strong, yet subtle focal foundation for your room’s overall look. That, and white curtains are infinitely easier to maintain than white floor coverings.

Our range of white curtains and blinds has been curated to provide you with a breath of fresh air. You can select from a myriad of different styles and textures, so you’ll be bound to find white curtains or blinds that perfectly complement your design wants and needs.

Here are some of our standout white curtains and blinds!

TIMBER LOOK Off White Venetian Blinds

Timber style blinds are classic, easy to style, and equally easy to maintain. They act as a sophisticated backdrop upon which you can put together a selection of different interior spaces and feels.

These off-white timber style blinds can provide a sense of tropical luxury to any interior space, allowing luscious bars of sunlight to filter in during summer, and ensuring that delicate shadows are cast across your interiors as the day comes to a close.

As these slats aren’t made of timber and are actually manufactured using quality PVC, these blinds are perfectly suited to bathroom and kitchen spaces and won’t be damaged by moisture.

WALDORF Stripe White Sheer Curtains

Just because your curtains are white, doesn’t mean they can’t be textured or patterned. Our Waldorf sheer curtains boast a stylish and sturdy white stripe to add a subtle texture to your window designs.

These strong yet delicate sheers have so much presence that they can be your only window coverings. They can also be easily paired with a set of blockout curtains to ensure total privacy as well.

Brown curtains

From dark chocolates to tones of caramel and latte, we have no doubts that our selection of brown curtains and blinds will elevate any and all interior spaces.

The beauty of these brown curtains lies in their neutrality. Our darker brown shades can add a romantic and cozy touch to a lightly decorated room, contrasting from an off-white or light tan wall. If you prefer a lighter caramel shade of curtain or a more subtle wheat tone, you can pair it with an equally refreshing and light wall colour, or use them to add contrast to darker coloured walls, such as burgundy, navy, or olive.

MICRO Custom Made Sun Screen Blind CHOCOLATE BROWN

Although our sunscreen blinds come in a range of natural colours, chocolate brown just might be our favourite, as their attractive colouring allows you to turn your roller blinds into a statement piece on their own. On top of this, sunscreen blinds are fantastic for reducing sun glare and mitigating your risks of harsh UV exposure, as well as ensuring privacy in your home. The sturdy weave of these roller blinds also ensures that you can enjoy these stylish window coverings for years and years without any wear or tear.

Custom Curtains Two Colour LATTE and Black SORRENTO

Two-tone curtains are infinitely stylish, but they are especially so when one of those tones is a luxurious brown. These two-tone latte and black Sorrento curtains can bring warm, natural and earthy elements together with a chic, designer feel. This melding of worlds can ensure that your interiors stay fresh and dynamic year-round.

Get your decorations on the right track by shopping for brown curtains online with Quickfit.

Natural curtains

Speaking of natural elements, there’s nothing quite like natural curtains and blinds to add a sense of innate cohesion to any interior space. Natural colours are a consistently complementary and subtle selection for a home that desires warmth. Whether you choose sheer or blockout style curtains, the neutral tones can align with nearly any decor. From soft linens to hearty wheat and bone, you can find many different shades of lightly coloured, neutral curtain panels to add to your home right here at Quickfit.

Here are two of our favourite natural tone curtains and blinds.

SKAGEN Custom Made Curtains Pitch Black Blockout NATURAL

Who said that your blockout curtains needed to look dark and heavy? Not Quickfit! You’ll be happy to know that our signature Skagen blockout curtains come in a highly versatile natural tone that has been produced to be styled across a wide selection of interior design schemes. Much like our Skagen curtains in grey, this tone can work perfectly in living, bedroom, and even nursery spaces.

ANTON Pleated Wave Linen Style Curtain Panel Hemp

When it comes to natural tones, linen-look curtains are the way to go! These window coverings can provide a natural, earthy feel to your interiors, and can work wonders for contemporary modern or stylishly rustic spaces. Our Anton Pleated Wave Linen Style curtains in hemp have a superb flow to them that can be easily paired up with lighter coloured furniture and darker decor, to create a space of delicate, natural contrasts.

When it comes to selecting a colour for your window coverings with Quickfit, it’s clear to see that you’re truly spoilt for choice! Be sure to try the shop by colour function on our website, or check out Part II of our ‘Curtains & Blinds In Nearly Every Colour’ series, to bear witness to the more bold and vibrant side of our colour spectrum here at Quickfit.