Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

30th May 2016

Winter is just a few weeks away. Can you believe it? The temperatures are cooling, and the days are getting shorter. During these few weeks preceding the winter solstice, take the time to prepare your home for the season. Aside from purchasing blockout curtains online (which you’ll definitely want to do), follow these tips to make sure your home is ready to survive the cold. Not only will these tips help keep your home more comfortable, but proper seasonal maintenance will also maintain the value and condition of your home.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Check The Roof

A wet winter can be devastating for a home that has a leaky roof. If you feel comfortable, get on the roof and do a walkthrough, looking for missing shingles, cracks, or holes. Should your roof present some warnings, call a professional roofer to give a quote for repair. The goal is to have a leak-proof roof before too much moisture seeps through and ruins the structure.

Prune Trees

Dead tree branches can easily break with a strong gust of wind or too much snow fall. Prune the trees by removing dead or excessive tree branches. We don’t want any branches breaking and falling onto your home or vehicle.

Blockout Curtains

Now, it’s time to head inside for a bit of work. Our post wouldn’t be complete without a touch of curtain education. Blockout curtains are made with thicker material. During the winter, the blockout curtains can help block the wind that sneaks through the window pane, which helps keep the home warmer. Shop for these blockout curtains online to get your winter home maintenance under way.