Darken Your Room To Stop The Headaches - Shop Online For Blinds

16th Jan 2016

Is your head pounding with pain? People that suffer from migraines and bad headaches won’t find relief with an influx of bright light. In fact, the light is going to make the pain worse. The trick to combating a tough headache is to pull down the blinds and rest in the dark. You can shop online for blinds to increase room-darkening and help you get rid of that nasty headache.

Why Darkness Helps Relieve Headache Pain

Those that suffer from migraines are feeling pain because of irritated meninges throbbing and pulsing in the brain’s membrane. The irritation causes nerve pain which signals your brain of the headache. The light irritates the optic nerve by activating cells in the retina that then send signals of sight to the brain, which must past through the irritated meninges on the way to the powerhouse. It takes just seconds of light exposure for the retina to send the signal, but it takes nearly 20 to 30 minutes of darkness for the signal activity to reside. By keeping your optic nerves in darkness, the brain avoids receiving signals from the optic nerves which leaves the irritated meninges alone.

Shop Online For Blockout Blinds

Blockout blinds are a style of blind that block the 99 percent of the sunlight from filtering into a room. This is a better option than wearing sunglasses for those that suffer from headaches to block out the light. Better yet, when you shop online for blinds from Quickfit, you can purchase custom made blockout blinds which are guaranteed to fit your window frame precisely. Quickfit’s custom blockout blinds are available in white, ivory, latte, mocha, grey, and black.

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