Did You Know You Can Design Your Own Curtains Online?

9th Feb 2016

Two tone colour block curtains are definitely in style right now. The pop of colour matched with a neutral is a favourite, but so is a curtain that has two bold colours in the same panel. The beauty of ordering curtains online with Quickfit is that you can choose your style by ordering custom two tone colour block curtains. Two tone curtains are a great way to instantly revamp a boring room. While you cannot select the colours for your custom curtain, you can customize the curtain style, size, and opening.


The two tone curtains come in a few different combinations. The first colour listed is the top, major colour, and the second colour is the block chunk at the bottom.

  • Ecru (off-white) and charcoal
  • Ecru and black
  • Latte and black
  • Charcoal and black
  • Ecru and latte
  • Ivory and latte
  • Ivory and charcoal
  • White and navy
  • White and pink


Each curtain can be created in all styles, so you can make the choice depending on your preference. Our interior designers love to keep the style the same for all curtains in the same room, but it can be fun to mix and match for curtains in different rooms. The style refers to the heading of the curtain and how it affects the way the fabric lies in front of the window.

  • Eyelet curtains have a metal ring at the top that allows the curtain to sit on a rod.
  • Reverse tab curtains have a similar function to eyelet curtains, but the hole is created using fabric from the curtain to keep things camouflaged.
  • Pinch pleat curtains hang from the curtain rod on hooks and have a lovely pinched seam at the top to create small pleats that drape through the fabric.
  • Pencil pleat curtains are exactly the same as pinch pleat curtains but have tighter pinches to create pencil thin pleats for a fuller, classier look.


The size feature is one of the best when it comes to creating custom curtains online. Measure the length and width you’d like the curtains to cover, and input the data into the given fields. Long curtains (with a drop over 245 centimeters) will incur an extra charge for the extra fabric. The number of panels you want can also affect the width measurement, so keep this in mind, and reference the next section if you aren’t sure.


Do you want the opening of your curtains to be in the centre of the window or on the side? The side opening requires only one curtain panel. A centre opening requires two curtain panels. We love the style of two curtain panels with a centre opening because the two tone colour block gives a great symmetrical look to the room with two panels.

Extra Notes

If you’re purchasing pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtains, it’s necessary to use hooks for hanging. Do you already have hooks, or would you like to include them in your order for $9.95?

Are you planning on opening the curtains and tying them to the side(s) of the window frame? We offer tie backs that match the curtain style just for this purpose!

Start shopping for two toned colour block curtains online now. We hope you love this style as much as we do.