An Introduction to Colour Theory

Posted by Quickfit Blinds & Curtains on 28th Mar 2019

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Whether you are redecorating or designing a brand new room, choosing the perfect colour scheme can be a difficult process. There are thousands of colours and shades to choose from, and you want to make sure that every element of a room complements another, from the paint on the wall to the furniture to the blockout curtains framing the window. How do you ensure that the final design looks beautiful?

Colour theory can help! In today’s blog, the specialists at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains bring you an introduction to colour theory to help you narrow down your home decor ideas and find the perfect window hangings, whether you are choosing custom-made or ready-to-hang curtains from our online store. Read on to learn more, and explore the extensive inventory here at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains to find the curtains you need in just the right colour.

Reintroducing the Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is your new best friend when it comes to colour design. Most of us learned about it in primary school and likely haven’t used it since, so we’ve reviewed the idea for anyone who may need it. The colour wheel is essentially a rainbow arranged in a circle, with each colour mixing and blending into the next.

It begins with the three primary colours – red, yellow, and blue – arranged in a triangle and expands from there. The colour wheel includes secondary colours such as green and orange as well as tertiary colours like red-orange, blue-purple, and yellow-green. It comes in handy when you start to think about finding and matching complementary colours!

Using Colour Harmony for Design

Harmony refers to a pleasurable arrangement or combination — in this case, a combination of colours! The right selections can create a sense of peace, order, and contentment within a room, while the wrong combinations can make a place either seem boring or uncomfortably chaotic. How do you ensure you match the right colours? Use the colour wheel and choose from these design themes!


If you’re new to choosing colour schemes and you want to keep it simple, it’s hard to go wrong with monochromatic colours. “Mono” means one, and “chromatic” refers to colour, which means a monochromatic colour scheme utilises one colour in many shades. For instance, if you have a red bedspread and the walls are painted a pale rosy pink, you can stay within a monochromatic scheme by choosing blockout curtains in an in-between shade of red or pink.


An analogous colour scheme takes monochromatism one step further. Instead of using one colour in many shades, you can use a group of closely related colours. This is when you’ll want to refer back to that colour wheel! Find a colour you love and include the hues around it in your design scheme. Decorating a room with green, yellow, and green-yellow, for instance, helps it feel cohesive without limiting your creativity or making it seem simple and boring.


Ready to add a few more colours into the mix? Consider complementary colours, which sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. In a room decorated in greens and yellows, you can add a pop of contrast with purple blockout curtains and it will still look beautiful, because purple is across the colour wheel from green. Just find your favourite colour and draw a line across the wheel to find its complementary match!


The word “triad” refers to the number three, which means this design scheme helps you choose three colours that will go beautifully together. You can imagine an equilateral triangle over top of the colour wheel, and the colour at each point of the triangle is included in that triadic scheme.

Red, yellow, and blue are a great example, and you have probably seen many children’s spaces decorated in these bright primary colours. You can also find more nuanced shades among the tertiary colours and their cousins, like yellow-orange, violet, and green.

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