Shibori Cushions In New Colours

15th Mar 2016

We are still so in love with one of our most recent products, the Shibori dyed cushions. We began our collection with the indigo dyed decorative cushions, but now we have expanded to include pink, charcoal and bronze, graphite, and licorice coloured cushions. While the art of Shibori dying historically uses real dye, we use a print that helps protect the rest of your furniture and clothing while still delivers the same beautiful patterns and style. If you’re searching for great new home decoration ideas, we highly recommend these new Shibori cushions.

Brand New Shibori Cushion Covers

Shibori Pink Cushions ($19.95 each)

The pink pattern is perfectly light and colourful. These come in the same patterns as the indigo dyed cushions: eclipse, tie dye, knot, diamond, and crinkle. Check out our previous post for pictures and descriptions of the different Shibori patterns.The pink cushion adds a great pop of colour for the couch or bedroom without an overwhelming blast.

Shibori Charcoal and Bronze Cushions ($19.95 each)

The charcoal and bronze cushions are a stunning bold statement that match nearly any decor. The bronze contrasts against the dark background. These cushions look great in a room that has light tan coloured walls and other lightly coloured curtains and decor. Stay away from this cushion choice if the rest of your home decor is darkly coloured as they will just blend in instead of stand out.

Shibori Graphite Cushions ($19.95 each)

These light gray cushion covers are a great neutral balance to an already colourful room. We love to add the graphite cushions to rooms that are in need of artwork or a great pattern. Shibori patterns are unique, and the graphite colour allows you to decorate in a way that draws focus to the design rather than the colour.

Shibori Licorice Cushions ($19.95 each)

The licorice cushion is very similar to the graphite cushion, but it is a darker shade of gray, almost black. The cushion patterns, like the graphite cushions, are great additions to a bold, solid coloured room. If you really like the look of the patterns, we recommend the licorice cushion over the graphite cushion because the pattern is more prominent.

Note: These decorative cushions are covers only, no filling. They fit standard cushions sizes 45 cm x 45 cm.

How To Decorate With Shibori Cushions

There are so many great ways you can use with Shibori cushions. Whether it’s placing them on your sofa or bed to snag for a nap, prop yourself up in the perfect comfort position while watching your favourite movie, or need an extra place for your guests to rest their heads at night, Shibori cushions have many more uses than simply decoration, although we sure do love to decorate with these fun and fearless patterns and colours.

How To Order Shibori Cushions Online

We’ve done the searching for you. All you have to do is click here and decide which colours and patterns will work best for your new home decoration ideas. We may even recommend mixing and matching between the many different colour choices now available. At $19.95 it’s totally feasible to decorate with more than one. Share your photos with us to show how you’ve added the great Shibori design into your home.