How To Select Window Coverings For Your Home Office

Posted by QuickFit Blinds & Curtains on 15th Jul 2022

When it comes to decorating a home office, there tends to be a lot more to consider during the process than you may even realise initially. Yes, technology for your work space very often stands front and centre, but there are a myriad of other functional elements that make your home office as supportive to your productivity as it can possibly be. Design elements like the texture of the rug under your feet, the cushions you use to support your back when sitting in your desk chair, and the addition of greenery into your office space, can all hold great impacts on how comfortable and motivated you feel when working from home.

One functional element that many can overlook is the window coverings you select for your home office or study space. Believe it or not, but window coverings can actually make or break a home office space. How so? Opting for the wrong kind of curtains or blinds can see your home office space being poorly lit, poorly insulated, or providing inadequate privacy, just to name a few things.

So how do you find the best curtains or blinds for your home office or study space? Our stellar designers at QuickFit are here to answer just this question!

Factor in street visibility

Let’s start with the importance of privacy in our home office spaces. If your home office happens to be in a smaller room on the ground floor of your house, chances are you have to contend with a few distractions from the street, whether it be somebody walking their dog, your neighbours going about their own days, or obnoxious drivers deciding to use your street as an F1 race track. If you find that the hustle and bustle of the world outside your office is distracting to you, then your selected window coverings should ideally provide you with enough coverage to keep you in your productivity bubble.

A good set of double roller blinds is a perfect solution here for a few noteworthy reasons. First of all, home office workers can feel free to roll up the blockout blind included in your set of double blinds and let light in. Rolling up the blockout blind allows home office workers to keep their office space well-lit throughout the workday. Secondly, with your blockout blinds rolled all the way up, your sunscreen blinds can do what they do best and eradicate all harsh daylight, alongside providing you with a perfect privacy screen.

Having a set of double roller blinds for your home office basically allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, providing total blockout capabilities alongside ensuring that your home office space still says well-lit when you may need it to be.

Assess light availability

Speaking of keeping your space well-lit, one aspect of working from home that we all seem to enjoy is not having to sit under fluorescent lights all day. Having a workspace that’s naturally lit can greatly elevate our mood, as well as boost our productivity quite significantly. Even so, although there does seem to be an extensive amount of literature on the benefits of maintaining a well-lit workspace, it’s well worth noting that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to setting themselves up for peak productivity and professional success.

You should feel encouraged to consider your own needs when creating a working environment for yourself. After all, you are creating it for yourself! If you find that street visibility is intensely distracting for you, and you’d prefer to block out as much natural light as possible in order to use eye strain-friendly desk lamps and LED lights, then you should consider investing in a set of blockout curtains for your home office space.

Not only will blockout curtains help to reduce your exposure to external distractions, but they can also be a valuable asset when it comes to reducing the risks of experiencing drafts in your home office space. Which brings us to our next tip!

Consider insulation in your home office

It goes without saying that staying comfortable in your home office is vital to maintaining productivity throughout your workday. Uncomfortable elements like back or neck pain, and seasonal chilliness can all play major roles in stealing you away from ‘the zone’, otherwise known as that focused state of mind we all seem to enter when we’re at our most productive.

Whilst spinal support can be achieved by simply investing in a good office chair and fiddling around with its settings, keeping your home office nice and cosy can feel like a bit more of an ask. After all, your home office may naturally have poor floor, wall, and ceiling insulation, meaning that the room is prone to bouts of bitter cold.

If you are hoping to stave away the chill in order to make the most of all your workdays, we have to recommend a set of our thermal curtains for your home office space. Much like our blockout curtains here at QuickFit, our thermal curtains are produced to boast three different layers of fabric, some of which either include a foam coating or a specialty triple weave fabric. Both of these design elements were developed to drastically reduce heat transfer through your windows.

This means that drawing your thermal curtains closed in winter will ensure that turning on your heating won’t result in energy going straight out the window and adding to your utility bills unnecessarily. Simply put, investing in a pair of thermal curtains may help you generate some serious savings over the chillier winter months.

Outline your interior design scheme

Last but not least, there’s more to your window coverings than just function alone. It’s also imperative that your selected window coverings meld perfectly with your home office space’s wider interior design style. Take some time to assess the existing design elements in your home office in order to determine what style of window coverings may work best with that particular interior space.

If you’re more concerned with colour over style, then take full advantage of the shop by colour function on our online store here at QuickFit, just to make absolutely certain that you can find the perfect pair of window coverings that’ll both cater to your working needs, as well as elevate the design style of your home office space.


Finding the perfect curtains or blinds for your home office is really a process of deciding what your ideal working environment would look like. If it’s airy and bright, then you can’t go wrong with some curtains to match. And if you’d prefer it to be a bit darker and void of distractions, then selecting some curtains or blinds that’ll help best create this atmosphere is precisely what you should do.

You can find a winning selection of curtains and blinds for home offices of all shapes and sizes right here at QuickFit. And if you want to see how any of our curtains and blinds feel in your home office environment, simply get in touch with us to receive some free curtain fabric swatches to help you make the right decision. So get to searching so that you can get to work on creating your dream home office space today!