Introducing The Double Roller Blind

9th Apr 2017

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The Double Roller Blind combines the best of our two roller blinds at Quickfit. Our online blinds collection specializes in roller blinds because they are easily fitted to any window size. Roller blinds are one large piece of fabric that is set on a rolling mechanism. Not only are roller blinds easier to clean than traditional horizontal blinds, but they provide either complete darkness or allow sunlight to filter through, depending on the style. Until today, shoppers had to choose between the blockout roller blinds that provide total darkness or SunScreen roller blinds that allow sunlight to filter into the room. Now, Quickfit’s online blinds collection includes the Double Roller Blind, which has fabric panels of both styles so you can have the best of both worlds.

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Benefits of Blockout Roller Blinds

The blockout blinds are designed to block out approximately 99 percent of all sunlight when the blind is drawn and closed. These are great for movie days, day-time sleeping, and ultimate privacy. The blockout fabric is a solid colour and is the same colour on both sides of the panel. We recommend using the blockout blind in bedrooms, nurseries, and home theatres.

Benefits of SunScreen Roller Blinds

The SunScreen roller blind is a style of roller blind that allows sunlight to filter into the room, even when it is drawn and closed. The SunScreen fabric is made with a weave pattern, leaving tiny holes throughout the piece of fabric that allows the sunlight to permeate the blind. These blinds are great for living rooms, kitchens, and other areas where natural light is welcome. Moreover, even though sunlight can filter into the room through the blind, it still acts as a layer of privacy on the window.

The Double Roller Blind: Both Blockout And SunScreen

The Double Roller Blind combines both the blockout and SunScreen panels into one window covering. It has two different pieces of fabric, so users can choose whether they want the window to be totally void of light with the blockout panel or to allow some light to filter in through the SunScreen shade. Both fabric pieces operate on the same mechanism but have different chains to allow easy use and maintenance.

Custom Sizes And Neutral Colours

The Double Roller Blind is completely customizable so it accurately fits your window. While all roller blinds are easily adjusted for the length (in fact, we have specific directions for how to cut roller blinds to fit your window), finding a blind that perfectly fits the width of a window can be challenging - especially if the window is not a standard width.

The Double Roller Blinds from Quickfit are all custom and made-to-measure so that they perfectly fit the window, in width and length, on which they will be hung. Once the blind measurements are taken, the next step is to choose the colour of Double Roller Blind (white, ivory, latte, charcoal, and black), place your order, and wait just a few days for the blinds to be made and shipped to you so you can enjoy double-the-benefits of the blockout and SunScreen roller blind from Quickfit.