Measuring Blinds For French Doors

18th Oct 2016

French doors, or two doors that are hinged and swing open, can be beautiful entry ways to patio spaces, closets, dining rooms, and more. French doors are typically made of wood with varying patterns of glass panels. Many homeowners choose French doors for their ease of use and classic look. While it is lovely looking at the French doors as they stand alone, it is also important to treat the doors as you would any other glass window - with the best blinds and curtains found online at Quickfit.

Since French doors are hinged, it works best to measure and order different blinds and curtains for each door. This way, each door can maintain an independent function without tangling curtains or blinds.

Tips For Measuring Blinds For French Doors

Measure Larger Than The Glass

Blinds help maintain privacy. In order to prevent your peeping neighbor from getting a front row seat to your dining room events, hang blinds that cover the entirety of the window panes. Measure at least 1.25cm above, below, and to the sides of the glass to ensure full coverage of blinds.

But Keep It Within The Door Frame

Now, you don’t want the blinds to hang on the outside of the door frame because that will make it more difficult to open and close the French doors with ease. Keep the blinds measurements within the door frame so the blinds follow the door open and closed. Don’t forget to think about mounting the hardware.

Finish With Curtains

Once the blinds are ordered online, situated, and installed, curtains may be added. It is recommended to use one curtain rod above the door frame to hang two different curtain panels. Each panel can slide one way or the other to allow the doors to open independently.

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