Amazing Features of Roller Blinds

6th Apr 2016

Roller blinds are a magical invention. Well, not truly magical, but they come darn close. In an era of energy awareness and user friendliness, roller blinds are the answer to window coverings. Did you know that you can purchase automatic roller blinds that will sync with the time of day, automatically moving up and down to allow the natural light to warm the room and save on artificial energy use? Unfortunately, we don’t offer this automatic feature with our online blinds selection, but we do offer a great array of traditional roller blinds that look great and can be easily adjusted so you can optimize the energy of your home on your own.

Great Features of Roller Blinds

Custom Sizes

Let’s start with this feature because, well, it’s the best. When you order blinds online, you save yourself time and money. Quickfit requests measurements for the width of the window frame and then sends you custom roller blinds. You can cut the length of the fabric to match your window height exactly. The installation instructions are straightforward and clear, so you save yourself money by not hiring a pro. Measure carefully as there are no returns for custom blinds.

Blockout Material

Like blockout curtains, blockout roller blinds are made with three layers of fabric to prevent natural light from filtering into the room. This material preserves energy and darkens the room, meaning your electricity costs are cut and you can sleep better during the day.

SunScreen Material

If you’re in the market for a roller blind that does not block the natural light but still maintains privacy, then you’ll love the sunscreen blind material. This is a lighter material that filters in natural light while reducing the glare.

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