Which Blinds Are Best For Privacy?

24th Nov 2016

Privacy is an important element in many different aspects of life. Whether it is guarding the inside of a home from suburban neighbors who are a bit nosey or helping maintain peace and quiet in the office, blinds are a great solution to the lack-of-privacy problem. It may seem, at first, that any blind could give privacy, and while this is true to some extent, there are some blinds panels that are more private than others - and more still that offer privacy without totally cutting off your access to a good view.

Off the bat, it is best to avoid horizontal slat blinds for the best privacy. We do not recommend slat blinds because even when they are drawn and pulled shut, people can still see inside if the slats are at certain angles. There are many little gaps that can give peepers a broken glimpse at the happenings inside.

Overall, we recommend roller blinds for the best privacy because it is a completely full panel of fabric that is either up or down, so you will immediately know whether or not your privacy is protected.

Ready-Made Blockout Blind

A ready-made blockout blind from Quickfit comes in the roller blind style. This is one panel of fabric that is already made for common window sizes. Choose from a variety of fabric colours, including classic white, classic latte, and classic black. These can be purchased one panel at a time, in twin packs of two, or in bulk packs of four. Ideally, these blinds fit in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

At Quickfit’s online shop, blockout blinds are one of the most recommended blind types for privacy. The fabric is thick and prevents even the sunshine for glimpsing inside. However, this also means there is no chance for a view when the blinds are closed.

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Custom-Made Blockout Blind

The custom-made blockout blind features the same blockout light properties as the ready-made version; however, you may choose custom sizes to fit any need. The custom-made blinds also come in more colours and textures, giving you a more unique view at the nice blind fabric when it is closed.

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Ready-Made SunScreen Blind

The Ready-Made SunScreen style is a prefabricated blind panel that fits just like the Ready-Made Blockout Blind, but it offers you more sunlight and a view even when it is drawn. The SunScreen panel is made with a weave-like pattern that prevents peeping eyes from getting a good view, but still allows in sunlight.

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Custom-Made SunScreen Blind

Like the Ready-Made SunScreen, the Custom-Made SunScreen Blind has great privacy features without sacrificing any sunlight. The custom style is great for uniquely sized windows or spaces. The custom-made version of the SunScreen blinds come in black, white, ivory, or grey.

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Enjoy shopping for roller blinds that will protect your privacy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to our Quickfit staff. We are happy to help you find the perfect selection for your needs.