Do You Need New Blinds Because Your Cat Destroyed Your Last Set?

16th Jun 2016

Kittens can be tough critters when it comes to preserving the integrity of a finely polished home. In fact, many adult cats can be just as troubling as their kitten counterparts. For some reason, cats love to leap everywhere their claws can grasp, which tends to be blinds and curtains alongside the furniture in most homes. Maybe it is their intrinsic desire to run and climb outside that they flock to the windows, but we can’t speak cat, so we don’t really know. What we do know is that we find ourselves fighting the cats and dog to get and stay off of the window coverings at home. If this seems to be your life, too, then you may benefit from shopping online for new blinds or curtains. Then, try these tricks to keep your kitten off of your windows and preserve some quality about your home.

Cats don’t just knock the blinds off kilter. Often, their sharp claws or teeth shred the fabric of roller blinds and curtain panels. Today is the day we put an end to this meow-dness.

How To Keep The Cat Off The Blinds And Curtains

The Simple Way

The easiest way to preserve window coverings from the terror of animals is to raise them when the animal is in the room. This may mean pulling up the blinds before you leave for work so that the kitten has no grip to climb the window. You may even consider removing the blinds from one window pane altogether to give the cat its very own window.

A Bit More Complex

There are cat deterrent products that you can spray on roller blinds that won’t damage the integrity of the blind but leaves a distracting pheromone odor that causes the cat to stay away. It is an affordable product at many local pet stores, and many brands are approved by local veterinarians.

It’s possible to still have beautiful window treatments and cats, so there’s no need to completely pick between the two. Have your cats already damaged your window coverings? Shop online for more blinds and curtains with Quickfit. Our affordable prices make it easy to replace and decorate.