How Blinds Changed How We Think About Death

26th Apr 2016

We don’t mean for this blog to be a downer but, instead, about change. A while back, we talked about the dangers some blinds may pose to children. Sadly and truthfully, children can die when entangled in the pull cord or lifting loop of the blind. Something so simple as hanging blinds around the house can be dangerous. That got us thinking about other hazards around the home that may pose a threat to our beloved children’s lives. Today, we’ll share those with you.

If you’ve just realized that your blinds are not safe, shop online for blinds that are certified safe for children. We guarantee that all of our blinds meet these standards.

Babies are naturally immobile until they are several months old. From the moment they start crawling, you become aware of the many things in your home that can cause accident or injury.

Troublesome Things Around The Home

Easily Accessible Chemical Cleaners

Many household cleaners are chemically based. Many people store cleaners below the kitchen or bathroom sink, which puts them at the level of small children who may easily poison themselves. Move the cleaners to a higher location and consider switching to natural products without such harsh chemicals.


The dishwasher is a place that collects sharp utensils before washing, which means there may be steak knives or fork prongs waiting to poke someone in the family. Refrain from leaving the dishwasher open while it is dirty to protect against any cuts or pokes. Moreover, dishwasher detergent can be toxic and should only be added immediately before the dishwasher runs a cycle. Lastly, give yourself and your children plenty of time following the cycle before unloading the dishes. The steam from a freshly cleaned dishwasher can cause serious burns.

These are just two of the many different ways children (or irresponsible adults) may injure themselves around the home. The home is largely regarded as a safe place, so it is humbling and important to recognize the opportunities for improvement in order to protect our families.

Again, old fashioned blind cords can be a choking hazard. Ensure your home is safe and up-to-date by shopping online for blinds that are safety certified and avoiding the hazards stated here.