How To Match Blinds With Your Other Interior Decorations

23rd Jun 2016

A home feels comfortable when its residents like what is inside. Whether that is the furniture in the room on which people can gather for conversation or relaxation, the paint or art decorations hanging on the walls, or the look of the floors below the feet, there are many personal aspects that go into creating a homey interior decor. A commonly missed element of the room (although, it is our favourite) is the connection of window treatments to the rest of the room. We’ll show you how shopping online for the right blinds can be the difference in turning a house into a home.

How To Match Blinds To The Rest Of The Room

Paint On Walls

What colours are your walls? We love colours that complement and contrast. For instance, if your walls are a tan or white colour, the bold, black coloured roller blinds can be a great choice. Not into something so contrasting? We recommend a darker or lighter shade of neutral colour than you have on your wall. If you have colourful walls, the tan and white blinds look fantastic.

Other Decorations

What’s your vibe around the house? Do you tend to collect and display pieces that are elegant, funny, classic, a mixture, or something different altogether? The blinds can work as an accent to these other pieces, or you can choose to focus on the blinds and let the other pieces supplement the window focal point.

The beauty of working with Quickfit online to find blinds is we offer personal decor service over the phone or through our online contact form. Ask us your specific questions! We are happy to help.