How You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Roller Blinds

22nd Apr 2016

Roller blinds are an amazing addition to nearly any room in the home. They’re affordable, reliable, and easy to maintain. Moreover, roller blinds last as long as a decade in many homes. Of course, the durability of the roller blind depends on how often it is used, the position of the blind in your home, and the care you take to properly maintain the blind throughout its use. Quickfit’s online blinds collection includes roller blinds as the majority because they are simply wonderful.

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Roller Blinds


We have heard a few stories of roller blinds growing a slimy layer of mildew after 12 years of use. While this number is not definite, it is given to show that it takes many years before this typically becomes a problem. The mildew grows because the protective layering deteriorates, and the moisture that forms inside the window also forms on the blind. When it’s not wiped clean, you may see a layer of mildew grow at the bottom. A quick fix is to trim the blind, but the roller blind will eventually need replacement.

Broken Chain or Dysfunctional Spring

Over years of use, the spring can lose elasticity and become loose. Moreover, the chain can break after being pulled up and down every day. This can be temporarily fixed by unmounting the roller blind and adjusting the spring or replacing the chain. Again, this is a quick fix that can help you raise or lower the roller blind. Replace the blinds if you don’t want to adjust the spring every other week.

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