Where Do Blinds Go On The Window?

15th Dec 2016

Quickfit Blinds & Curtains is here to settle the debate: Where do blinds go on the window? Aside from the obvious answer that they go on the side of the window that is inside the home, we have a not-so-obvious answer that may or may not actually settle the debate. Truth be told, the correct place to situate blinds on the window frame can be either inside the window frame or outside the window frame. This really doesn’t settle the debate at all because nobody gets to be right or wrong, but we kind of like it this way.

Mount Blinds on the Inside of the Window Frame


Mounting blinds on the inside of a window frame is the most popular. Blinds that are hung within the window frame offer a more clean look to the window.

Also, if you have a unique window casing or detail on the frame, you should definitely use the inside window mount because you will be able to still show off that detail.

One last advantage of hanging blinds on the inside of the window frame is to prevent the blind fabric from catching on the curtain when the curtains are drawn close. With the blinds protected by the inset window frame, they will be guarded and last a lot longer than if they were constantly pulled in different ways.


An inside window mount may not be possible if there is a shallow window casing and frame. Generally, the necessary size for an interior window mount to look and to function as intended is about two centimeters.

Moreover, you may avoid an inside window mount if you have a window opening crank that the blind could hit, causing the fabric to bend or tear.

Mount Blinds on the Outside of the Window Frame


Outside mount window blinds make great sense when you are looking for an affordable way to increase the aesthetic appearance of your general window area. Does the moulding look terrible? Would you rather hide the frame altogether? Then you will benefit from an outside mount.

An outside mount for blinds also helps block more sunlight than an inside mount. If you have a new baby, blinds mounted on the outside of the window frame will help keep the room darker and the baby sleeping longer (hopefully!).

To solve the disadvantages of inside window mounts previously mentioned, outside mounted window blinds work great for shallow window casings or windows that are operated by a crank.


The outside mount for blinds can leave the blinds susceptible to more damage. If curtains are hung atop the blinds mounted on the outside, drawing the panels open and closed each day can cause the blinds fabric to rip or bend unintentionally.

When it comes down to it, the way you hang the blinds you buy online is completely up to you. Consider these advantages and disadvantages to determine which mount style will best suit you and your home. When you order custom-made blinds online with Quickfit, you can select an inside or an outside mount in the exact dimensions you need.