Is It Worth It To Put Blinds In The Bathroom?

9th Jun 2016

custom blindsThe bathroom is a place many people go for privacy, so when a question about adding blinds to the bathroom arises, it seems obvious to say, “Yes, put blinds in the bathroom.” However, we believe you deserve a more thought out reason before you shop online for blinds to decorate the bathroom.

Blinds In The Bathroom: Yes or No?

Is It Only For The Look?

The roller blinds are our favourite at Quickfit. They offer a well-rounded, classic look to many windows. The bathroom is a place many people spend time pampering. Whether it’s bathing, freshening up, or getting ready for a night out on the town, the bathroom should be a comfortable place to spend some time. Many people elect to have a theme decor in the bathroom, and blinds can help add to that look. However, a glimpse out the window at the day or night can be the perfect look for the room.

What’s The Function?

Aside from look alone, the bathroom window coverings provide more function benefit than aesthetic benefit. As a private room of the home, the bathroom window can let nosey neighbors see a little more than you may want if it is not covered. Blinds give bathroom-users much needed privacy.

The bathroom window is typically smaller than other windows in the home, so it doesn’t take much fabric to cover it. Moreover, Quickfit offers custom roller blinds, so you can choose the size that will fit perfectly.

Make A Decision

Now’s the time to decide. Will you have blinds in the bathroom or not?

Should you decide yes, we recommend shopping online for custom blinds so you can find the fit that is right for you.

Should you decide no, we hope you enjoy the beautiful view out the window and that your neighbors aren’t too nosey.