Protect Your Carpet With These UV-Reducing Blinds

5th Jan 2016

A home is a big purchase, and we want to help you preserve your purchase in pristine quality. That’s why today’s blog is featuring our lovely Sunscreen Roller Blinds, available here in our online blinds selection. Sunscreen blinds are well-liked for many reasons, including reducing light glare and UV light, allowing sight outside, and customizing sizes.

Reducing Light Glare and UV Light

The sunlight that provides our life can also be damaging. The sunlight can penetrate through our glass windows and cause carpets to fade in colour and comfort. The UV rays are especially damaging. UV rays are known to cause cancer through too much exposure, which means both you and your carpet can be damaged by the sun from the inside of your home. The blinds are made with PVC and polyester. The Sunscreen roller blinds reduce the amount of light let through in order to protect you and your home; however, the light is not blocked entirely, so you can still receive some natural lighting (which is good for your eyes).

Allowing Sight Outside

Since the blinds are made from PVC and polyester, you can still see outside your window when the blinds are down. The public cannot see inside your home. You can choose between white, ivory, grey, charcoal, and black; all colours of blinds provide the necessary privacy.

Customizing Size

When you order online, blinds can be customized to fit your window frame exactly. Submit your measurements, and your blinds will be custom-made within three business days and shipped right to your home. When you visit the Sunscreen Roller Blind page scroll down to the product description for a short, two-minute video of how to properly measure and order your custom roller blinds online at Quickfit Blinds and Curtains.