Ready Made Curtains: The designer's secret to a room makeover

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design RMIT: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 16th Oct 2014

How to get maximum impact for minimum cost when doing a room makeover? The key is to select neutral colours for the large aspects of the room. Walls, carpets, ready made curtains and large furniture pieces. Choose neutral colours such as whites, creams, lattes, greys. You will make your statement with smaller accessory pieces such as cushions, floor rugs, wall art etc. It is through these items you bring your personality and colour into the space.

The largest cost items are generally the floor coverings, large furniture pieces and window coverings. Shop online for your curtains and go for ready made curtains rather than custom made ones. You will save a fortune and there are plenty of great curtain stores online that sell huge ranges of curtains that are already stitched up and ready to hang. If your window size is not too large you could make a bit of a statement with your curtains. Plan for down the track, don't go too way out. You might like lime green this year but next year you might be into pale blue. Keep this in mind when buying your curtains, it is easier to swap a lime green cushion than a lime green curtain!

The same applies to your large furniture pieces. The bed, sofa, dining table. Go for something neutral. You can dress it up and make your statement with a throw and cushions on the bed or sofa. Do the same with a dining table by adding a bit of "you" through your napkins, table centre piece or placemats. Look online to find a wide selection of great items.

Most of all have fun! Paint your walls in a neutral colour, keep the floor covering neutral. Invest in a key furniture piece in a neutral colour. Invest in some ready made curtains which will add polish to the room and give the room a finished look.

Now you can select your style. Black and white pop! Retro brights! A bit of glamour or a sleepy beach feel. They can all work perfectly on a neutral pallet. Browse our selection today and find the one that fits your window best! 

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