SHEER CURTAINS THE BLOCK | How to decorate your windows "The Block Style"

Posted by Jane Dodge BA Fashion Design: Textile Designer Quickfit Blinds and Curtains on 26th Sep 2014

We all agree those Sheer Curtains used to decorate the windows on The Block 2014 look fantastic. They really do set the tone for the rooms decor. Streams of natural light pour into the simply furnished spaces and create that 5 star luxury feel you get when staying in an up market New York Hotel.

Surprisingly to decorate with Sheer Curtains The Block style in your own home is really simple. Fortunately Sheer Curtains, like the ones used on The Block are very affordable and so easy to hang. You can just slide them onto a pole or rod and your done. If you already have existing tracks on your windows you can easily replace these with Pinch Pleat Sheers (the ones with the sewn in pleats at the top).

When selecting your sheers try to go for large wide ones or use multiple curtain panels hung next to each other to give a luxurious bank of free flowing fabric. If they drape onto the floor thats OK. This can look really lux and stylish.

Here is some inspiration to get you motivated. And best of all they are really affordable, you can pick up a panel for under $15.00. It really is very simple. To see what they can look like in your home check out this video of sheer curtains used by Carlisle Homes in there display houses. You can find a good selection of sheer curtains the block style online You Can Buy Sheer Curtains HERE