The Amazing Versatility of Lined Curtains

Posted by Quickfit Blinds & Curtains on 10th Apr 2018

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When you are faced with the prospect of finding new curtains for your Sydney or Melbourne home, you will soon discover that there are several types of curtains to choose from. Depending on which room you are buying curtains for, the right window treatment may vary in terms of functionality. Line curtains provide several benefits, and no matter your style or colour preference, you’re sure to find the right set at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains. Shop our entire online inventory now. From ready-made curtains to custom-made panels, we have it all!

If you have never owned a set of lined curtains, you might find that you’d like more information about linings before you commit to a purchase. In today’s post, we’ll review a few important factors to consider when choosing curtain linings. We will also review four incredible benefits that these window coverings have to offer homeowners. Read on to learn more!

Curtain Lining Considerations

While the lining on the backside of a curtain might seem like a simple length of fabric, not all linings are the same. There are many differentiating factors, including:

  • Colour. The vast majority of curtain linings come in ivory, white, or black. However, if you prefer a coloured lining, these are available as well. They just may be slightly more difficult to find.
  • Material. Virtually any type of fabric can be made into a curtain lining, but quality linings are lightweight and durable. Blended fabrics, such as poly-cotton, are quite common, as are 100 percent cotton and polyester.
  • Weight. When choosing a curtain lining, it is important to consider the weight of the curtain fabric itself. For curtains to fall and drape in a uniform manner, the lining and curtain fabric should be of similar weight.
  • Luster. Materials like cotton and polyester have a matte appearance that many homeowners prefer. However, if you would like a curtain lining with a little more style, sateen fabrics offer a lustrous sheen for enhanced elegance.
  • Care and maintenance. Just as it is important to consider washing instructions when you choose a curtain material, it is also important when you are choosing a lining. For easy washing, the lining and curtain fabric should have the same cleaning instructions.

Do you have questions about which type of lined curtains will work best in your home? The friendly staff at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains would love to help you! Contact us online or call us at 0422584155 today!

Benefits of Lined Curtains

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Reduced Energy Costs

If you often hear your heating and air conditioning system kicking on more frequently than you think it should, there is a possibility that your windows are not as efficient as they could be. Having new windows installed in your home provides a clear solution to this problem, but they can be very expensive. Installing lined curtains provides an affordable alternative, as the extra layer of protection for windows results in less air movement in and out of older windows. Not only will you have stylish windows, your energy bill will likely be lower, too!

Indoor Temperature Regulation

In addition to increasing the wear and tear on your heating and cooling equipment and potentially raising your home energy costs, inefficient windows can also impact how comfortable you are in your home. During the summer, windows that have worn or damaged seals and other components can prevent your home from staying cool enough, and during the winter, they can prevent you from staying warm enough. Lined curtains provide a barrier against the outdoor elements to help regulate your indoor air temperatures.


One of the most desirable features of lined curtains is their ability to completely block sunlight out of a room. When you purchase a quality set of blockout curtains, you can effectively create a completely dark room in the middle of the day. This can be an important feature for those who work odd hours or if you have children who need to nap during the day. Lined curtains are perfect for home theatre rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries.

Moisture Protection

There are many fabrics that can be damaged if exposed to excessive amounts of water. Something as simple as leaving your window open can cause water stains on curtain panels if an unexpected storm rolls through. Because water-resistant curtain linings are often also mildew resistant, they offer draperies in high-moisture rooms like kitchen and bathrooms with an extra layer of protection against environmental damage.


Curtains do a wonderful job of providing privacy, especially at night. However, if the curtain material is not 100 percent opaque and you don’t have a quality lining on the panel, there is a possibility that you could have less privacy than you think you do. Lined curtains will not only boost the energy-efficiency of your home and block out unwanted light, but they will also provide the right amount of privacy for rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Affordable Lined Curtains Online

As you can see, there is more to lined curtains than meets the eye. If you are thinking about buying these functional, beautiful window coverings for your Sydney or Melbourne home, Quickfit Blinds & Curtains has a wide selection of panels that are sure to please your design preferences and your budget. Not sure which colour or fabric is best for your room? We offer free fabric swatches to ensure that you absolutely love your new curtains. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we have a no-hassle return policy for your convenience. Shop for your new set of lined curtains online now to receive $9.95 flat-rate delivery on all ready-made items!