These Blinds Help Your Home Keep Sunlight Without Adding Too Much Heat

4th Oct 2016

The sun is starting to shine more and more each day of spring. With summer on the way, we can expect even more of this glorious sunlight! For the most part, the extra sunshine is a great characteristic of spring and summer. But sometimes, the extra sunshine makes the house so hot and causes the air conditioning system to work that much harder to keep the temperature comfortable. If you know this to be a problem of yours, we have good news for you. Now available online are sunscreen roller blinds.

SunScreens Are A Great Style Of Roller Blinds

Provide Privacy

One of the most popular reasons people install blinds in the home is to give some privacy to those who live there. There is no reason for the neighbors to see everything that happens inside the home. The SunScreens are a great layer of privacy during both day and night. Keep in mind that since it still allows in the sunlight, it is not a total blockout for privacy.

Stop The Glare

SunScreens can be compared to sunglasses, providing the same purpose for windows. Sunglasses allow the wearer to still see everything the light provides, but it takes away the harsh glare of the rays. Similarly, SunScreens allow the sunlight to filter through the roller blind, but it gives it an extra layer of protection, reducing the glare and PRESSURE of the rays.

Protect From The Sun

The sun powers our world, but it can be damaging, too, especially if consumed in mass quantity. The SunScreens help protect the furniture inside the room from the harsh UV rays. They also help to diffuse the light, which helps keep the room temperature regulated. The black colour of the SunScreen shown above is a good choice if the room temperature is a priority to you and your family.

Shop online for SunScreen roller blinds to maintain privacy, stop the glare, and protect the home from the sun.