These Curtains Help Create A Casual-Chic Look

11th Oct 2016

A house is much more than shelter for many people. A house becomes a home when it is comfortable, safe, and decorated just the way you like it. Curtains are one element of home decorating that can say a lot about the style and feel of the room. An elegant dècor can be achieved with sheer, lace, or patterned curtains. A more casual dècor includes comfortable materials, but that does not mean style is sacrificed. Shop for curtains online to help create a casual-chic look in your home.

Follow These Dècor Tips For Casual-Chic

Hints Of Neutrals

Neutrals typically include colours such as tan, gray, white, cream, black, brown, and navy. These neutrals keep the look soft and welcoming. A casual-chic look uses tans, grays, and creams the most.

Delicate Silhouettes

An intricate curtain style, such as one with many ruffles or lace, can add a fancy silhouette to the window, a look that is not appreciated in a casual-chic dècor style. To keep the window covering silhouette simple and delicate, stick with the eyelet or traditional hook curtain panel.

Natural Fabrics

The colour and style of the curtain panel are essential for a casual look, but the feel of the fabric is important too. Natural-feeling fabrics, such as cotton or other linens, are welcoming, comfortable, and chic.

When you are ready to transform your home to a casual-chic look, shop for curtains online at Quickfit. There are options to shop for curtains by colour or style, making it easy to narrow down the products to find the ones that will fit your style best.