Top 5 Interior Design Styles To Pair With Your 100% Pure Linen Curtains

Posted by QuickFit Blinds & Curtains on 27th Jun 2022

In our earlier post, we explored four different ways to style your pure linen curtains with ease. Now that you know how best to style your pure linen curtains, it’s time to figure out exactly what decor, colour palettes, and design principles you can use to help bring the interior space around your linen curtains to life. A good starting point is by identifying which interior design style you want to emulate in your own design process.

Although 100% pure linen curtains do meld well with a wide range of interior design styles, we’ve seen these curtains perform at their best in interior design styles that place emphasis on raw or organic fibres. Here are just some of the more popular design styles you may want to emulate when designing with your 100% pure linen curtains.


Rustic interior design is making a comeback in a major way, mostly thanks to the rise of the ‘cottagecore’ fashion aesthetic that embraces elements of western country life. Rustic interiors are generally characterised by their natural dark wood elements, bearing features like oak tabletops, wooden floorboards, and exposed wood rafters.

Because of this emphasis on raw, unprocessed building materials, organic linen curtains are naturally designed to fit right in with rustic interior design principles. The level of light filtration boasted by our pure linen curtain panels is also highly suited to the aesthetics of rustic interiors.

Contemporary Industrialism

Much like the rustic interior design style, contemporary industrialist interiors are all about raw materials, except this time it’s not just limited to timber. When you think of industrialist interiors, your mind is most likely to conjure up imagery of exposed brick, copper piping, and large, black-paned windows that are generally uncovered.

Thankfully, contemporary industrialist interiors are characterised by their contrastingly softer touches to traditional industrialism. Contemporary industrialist interiors possess human touches of comfort to boost that space’s overall livability, meaning gone are the days of bare windows and cold, uncovered concrete flooring. You can feel free to decorate your contemporary industrialist interiors with organic window coverings like pure linen curtains, as well as a range of cosy rugs, cushions, and throws.

Organic Minimalism

For some interior designers, it’s not what you add that enhances a room, but the absence of visual noise that transforms any interior space. If this statement is something that aligns very closely with the way that you design your home, then chances are high that you practice minimalist design principles.

Designers who are fond of minimalism are also likely to be fans of sustainability in interior design. Generally speaking, sustainable interior design processes take full advantage of 100% organic materials, and opt to steer clear of inorganic fibres like polyester. That’s what makes our 100% pure linen curtains a veritable godsend for fans of organic minimalism.

If you want to take your organic minimalist styling to the next level, we recommend investing in some darker toned 100% pure linen curtains for colour contrasting. Consider our Vintage Linen Curtain Panels in Grey to pair with any organic or contemporary minimalist interior spaces.


Although the Bohemian interior design style is known for being visually noisy and eclectic, even the most vivacious and eclectic interior design schemes can always do with a worthy backdrop. And that’s where our 100% pure linen curtains come into play.

Our pure linen curtains boast a loud texture despite having relatively muted colour schemes, meaning that all of the linen curtain panels we stock are poised to feel right at home in boho interiors. Simply find the right colour to work as a backdrop for your boho style interiors. You can simplify the task of selecting an ideal colour by using the shop by colour function of our online store.


Last but not least, although we did talk up the inclusion of sheer curtains in our exploration of the Hamptons Coastal design style, not all practitioners of the Hamptons Coastal style are big fans of inorganic sheer or voile curtains. If you have wicker or rattan furniture in your Coastal-inspired interior, then chances are you’ll want to adhere to this use of natural or organic elements when it comes to selecting ideal window coverings as well.

In truth, the closest you can get to sheer curtains that are produced using organic fibres is actually our 100% pure linen curtains. And this is by no means a bad thing either. In fact, using textured and lightly coloured curtains in your Coastal-inspired interior can actually help ensure that your interior space doesn’t end up feeling void of personality. Hamptons Coastal-inspired interiors generally tend to appear as quite whitewashed, but opting for coloured and textured pure linen curtains alongside other organic textured fabrics and furnishings, can help inject some colour and presence into your Coastal-inspired interiors.

In other words, your pure linen curtains may end up elevating or enhancing your Coastal-inspired interiors, and curating a sense of cohesion between your interiors and the wider natural or organic world outside of your home that makes the Coastal design style so attractive to many modern DIY designers.


Styling your 100% pure linen curtains is a very forgiving interior design project, simply because these curtain panels are incredibly versatile. In fact, it’s unlikely that you may even be in need of the direction and styling tips that our designers here at QuickFit have provided you with today.

Even so, you should feel encouraged to experiment with the styling suggestions and interior design styles that we’ve outlined above. Who knows? You may find that some of our suggested styling tips come to shape the future of your interiors!