Top 5 Unique Window Coverings For Eclectic Home Spaces

Posted by QuickFit Blinds & Curtains on 1st Jun 2022

If you’re living in the inner city, chances are that looking out your window may see you come face-to-face with a myriad of other homes that look just like your own. Although large-scale residential developments like apartment complexes or blocks of townhouses may make it easier for many of us to live in urban areas, it can be tricky to figure out just how to really express yourself in your home’s interior design scheme, especially when your neighbours’ interior spaces all feel more or less identical to your own.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of unique home decor, furnishings, and even window coverings for modern homeowners to choose from, and the design elements that you introduce into your home spaces can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your home is a reflection of yourself. And you don’t necessarily need to invest in custom-made curtains in order to make your home feel like your very own either!

But what window coverings would we recommend to homeowners who are hoping to design unique or eclectic home spaces? Here are our top five favourite unique window coverings to suit homeowners who are looking to make a statement with their home’s interior design plans.

1. White timber venetian blinds for total light control

There are many reasons to choose blinds over curtains, especially in smaller living room or bedroom spaces where curtains may feel too visually noisy. And whilst there are plenty of different types of blinds to choose from, not all blind panels are going to appeal to everybody. For instance, whilst roller blinds may be very efficient at keeping external light out, their appearance when fully drawn can feel too glum for some.

If you’re looking for window coverings that strike the perfect balance between the control and flexibility of roller blinds and the organic presence of fabric curtains, then chances are that a good set of white timber venetian blinds may just be the ideal window covering for you. These solid white timber-look blinds are perfectly suited for all kinds of interior spaces, but they really come alive in Hamptons coastal, contemporary modern, or organic minimalist interiors in particular.

We highly recommend placing your white timber venetian blinds on east or west-facing windows that receive full sun. That way, you can enjoy the luscious bars of golden light that filter into your living spaces when these blinds are half-drawn, or close them entirely for total light control.

Our white timber venetians stocked here at QuickFit are also incredibly easy to care for and keep clean, as they’re made with high-quality PVC plastic that’s heat-resistant and can be wiped down by using a warm cloth or alcohol cleaning wipes.

2. Sheer cotton curtains for maximising space

If you’re not a fan of blinds but still want to make sure that your interior spaces aren’t dwarfed by the presence of large curtains, then sheer curtains are likely to become your new best friend. These flawlessly flowy curtains are delicate enough to add a touch of elegance to your interior spaces without being overpowering.

There are, however, plenty of different kinds of sheer curtains to choose from, ranging over a vast array of colours and fabrics like voile or linen, with some fabrics allowing for better light filtration than others. For a more organic look, we have to recommend any of our cotton sheer curtains. With their gentle texture and effortless ability to play with natural light, allowing soft filtration of external light into your home spaces, sheer cotton curtains are some of our favourite window coverings here at QuickFit. They are delicate, yes, but rest assured, they can still make a resounding statement and powerful first impression on any and all guests who enter your home.

3. 100% pure linen curtains to provide a softer touch

Speaking of organic elements, it’s growing increasingly common for many Aussie homeowners to use only natural fabrics in their home spaces. Only incorporating furnishings or decor that use natural fabrics is a superb way of ensuring that your household’s carbon footprint stays low. At QuickFit, we want to ensure that all families who practice ethical or sustainable interior design principles, or adhere to interior design disciplines like organic minimalism, have access to the window coverings that best suit these lifestyles.

That’s precisely why we’ve invested so much into the expansion of our range of 100% pure linen curtains. These gorgeous, flowy linen curtains are a mixture of sheer and statement curtain panels, making them perfectly suited for a wide range of modern interior spaces. Our pure linen curtains are also available in a range of natural and highly versatile shades, like soft greys, beige, cream, hemp, and shades of white for easy styling.

We recommend using our pure linen curtains in bedroom spaces to add a soft and cosy touch. You may even choose to order some custom-made pure linen curtains to install in bathroom spaces. These curtains can feel right at home framing any wide windows behind a bathtub, or even smaller windows situated in your water closet.

4. Velvet curtains for texture

For many of us who find ourselves aligned with loud and vivacious interior design styles like bohemian styles or even Art Deco-inspired aesthetics that are making a joyous comeback as we “return to the ‘20s” in this new decade, chances are high that your favourite window coverings are those that provide an abundance of texture. And of course, whilst there are many different kinds of textured curtains that may take our fancy, there are few textures that are more satisfying to touch or even to take in than velvet.

This is why our velvet curtains tend to be amongst our best-selling curtain panels here at QuickFit. Velvet curtains are a superb investment for any homeowners who want to add dimensionality to their home spaces. Homeowners with carpeted interiors can take full advantage of having a velvet backdrop to maximise the overall comfiness or softness of their home spaces.

On a similar note, velvet curtains are incredibly easy to style, and can feel right at home when paired with a wide variety of furnishings, including velvet couches and armchairs or even glossier, leather-look furniture. How? Because natural light can play with both leather and velvet in a similar fashion!

5. Honeycomb blinds for ethereal warmth

Last but not least, our honeycomb blinds must also be added to this list, especially considering they are without a doubt the most unique window coverings we stock here at QuickFit, given their dynamic shape and make. But what exactly are honeycomb blinds? And what are they good for? Well, honeycomb blinds are essentially a hodgepodge between roller blinds and venetian blinds, in the sense that they can be pulled down for privacy, but are still designed to filter light into your home spaces even when pulled down. And believe it or not, but honeycomb blinds are actually just as functional as they are beautiful! Thanks to their unique honeycomb design, these blinds are actually highly effective at minimising heat loss through your windows, as the honeycomb shape helps to trap external air, keeping your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Our honeycomb blinds can work in a wide range of interior spaces, including bathrooms and even kitchens. We recommend installing them anywhere you’d like to experience soft light filtering into your home spaces.


All five of the window coverings that we’ve outlined here are all just as unique as they are beautiful, and they will certainly play a vital role in ensuring that your home stands out from the crowd, regardless of however many other similar dwellings surround you in your neighbourhood.

Want to know more about any of the fantastic curtains and blinds that are available for purchase here at QuickFit? Get in touch with our team of designers to place a general enquiry, or order some free curtain swatches to help finetune your interior design plans today.