What Is A Curtain Top? Curtain Tops 101

9th Apr 2016

Choosing Curtains Online Can Be Confusing

While bare windows can make a statement in spaces with great views, it’s often more so the case that your windows are going to need some type of covering. Whether you’re shopping for curtains online for privacy, light filtration, warmth, or just to add some style to your room, you might find yourself confused with all of the options. Let’s start with a quick overview of the different types of curtain headers.

Different Types Of Curtain Tops

Concealed Tabs: These are curtains, sometimes called Reverse Tab, are hung from a series of loops of fabric - or tabs - that are sewn into the top hem. You are not able to see the curtain rod between the loops of fabric, as it is concealed with more fabric. We recommend you design your own curtains if you're interested in this style.

Pinch Pleat: Pinch pleats offer a fuller look for heavier types of curtains such as draperies. They either hang from pins or hooks that are sewn into the back of the curtain top and are usually opened by a pulley system.

Pencil Pleat: Similar to the pinch pleat style, pencil pleat curtains hang from pins or hooks. The difference between pinch and pencil pleat curtain tops is the width space between pleats. Pencil pleats are much tighter, giving this curtain header a decorative, elegant style.

Eyelet: If you’re searching for a curtain that is easy to hang, then you’ll love eyelet curtains. The header is a collection of metal rings. The curtain rod slides through the rings and hangs on brackets. This style is similar to the concealed tab header, except the metal eyelets are a visible touch of bling for the room.

Still unsure about what type of curtains you want to buy online? Try ordering some free swatches to help you decide from the comfort of your own home!