Where to Buy Custom Blinds Online

21st Dec 2016

You Can Buy Custom Blinds Online At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains

Quickfit believes in living a life of affordability, comfort, and style that is uniquely you. To accomplish this for our customers, we offer opportunities to create made-to-measure, custom blinds online. Our main type of blinds are roller blinds, compared to the traditional horizontal blind or Venetian blind. Roller blinds are easily customizable to fit many differently sized window frames, and with different colours and textures available at Quickfit, you will surely find the right blinds for you.

Choose the Fabric

Roller blinds are made of different types of fabric that give rooms different looks and results. In Quickfit’s Roller Blinds Collection, there are blockout roller blinds and SunScreen roller blinds. Blockout roller blinds prevent excess sunlight from entering the room when the blinds are drawn. SunScreen roller blinds are made with a patchy-like fabric that allows sunlight to filter into the room, even when the blind is drawn. Both blinds provide plenty of privacy. Our roller blinds come in a variety of neutral colours for your convenience. Choose your favourite roller blinds fabric to get started on the custom blinds journey.

Enter the Measurements

With roller blinds, the most important measurement to make is the width of the window needing coverage. Do you want the blinds mounted inside or outside the window frame? Cannot decide? Check out a recent post that details the advantages and disadvantages of inside or outside window mounts. Submit the width measurements in millimeters, and then choose a length that will be slightly longer than what you absolutely need. You can trim excess length on your own without trouble. If you do not want to trim the blinds on your own, you do not have to. With roller blinds, you can keep excess material on the roll and only roll down what you need.

Pick out the Colour of Accessories

Different accessories or components of roller blinds include the bottom rail, bracket and side winder, and the side chain. Choose from three different colour sets to match your custom roller blind: white, black, or silver. A stainless silver chain is available for an additional $5.00.

Select Roll Style and Chain Side

Do you want the roller blinds to be back rolled or front rolled? Back rolled can be best described by the blind rolling counter-clockwise on the roll when looking at the roll from the left side. Front rolled is the opposite. Another way to think about the roll style is the front rolled selection means the blind fabric comes down from the top of the roll, while the back rolled selection comes from the bottom of the roll. The next choice is an easy one; which side of the window do you want the chain hung? Answer this question by stating a side as if you are looking directly at the window.

Finalize Your Custom, Made-To-Measure Blinds Order

Verify the measurement of the blinds and the amount of blinds desired to calculate the final price. Then, add a flat rate $9.95 shipping rate no matter where you are located in Australia. Expect the blinds to be created within five days of placing your order and shipped to your door within 10 days total.

Have fun shopping online for blinds that are customized just for your space.