Why Choosing the Right Curtain Rods Matter

23rd Feb 2016

Curtains may be the focal point of your window treatments, but the curtains rods you choose matter almost as much as the curtains themselves. When you are buying curtain rods online, you'll want to make sure you are choosing the right rods for your window treatment. Choosing the wrong curtain rods can result in a window treatment disaster, leaving you frustrated and spending more money than necessary.

First, make sure the rods are strong enough to hold your curtains. Some curtains can be surprisingly heavy, so you don't want to choose a cheap curtain rod that's going to bow or even break from the weight of your curtains. Secondly, consider your curtain rod color. Most curtain rods online come in black, silver or gold. Choose a color that coordinates with your curtain color. Most cool colored curtains (primarily blues or greens) will look nice with silver; warm colors (reds, oranges, or yellows) will look nice with gold. Black is often a safe choice for most colors though it can overpower softer pastels. Lastly, think about the details. You'll want the finials to compliment your decor.

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