Cheap Mosquito Nets in Queensland

6th Jan 2014

Its is that time of year again and those nasty mozzies are out in force. There is no vaccine for mosquito-borne disease and the best way to avoid illness is prevention. A Mosquito Net or Bed Canopy is a cheap and effective way to prevent yourself and your family from mosquito bites. Our most popular mosquito net is the ARABIA mosquito bed/net canopy available in white, pale blue and fuschia. Suits all bed sizes from cots to queens size beds. They are easy to install and add a resort like feel to your bedroom. In stock now and ship within 24hrs. These are on sale for $22.95. 

If you would like to read reviews on this product to see if other people have been satisfied, you can go to our product review page. If you have any questions at all regarding our mosquito nets for children or adults, or any other product that we carry, do not hesitate to contact us!

MARTHA AND MARY: A Brilliant Film

We recently watched Mary and Martha, a brilliant film with Hillary Swank. A mother who takes her son on a adventure to Africa. The adventure ends for her son when he is biten by a mosquito and dies from milaria. The film follows her journey of committment and resolve in fighting to encourage the US government to contribute more funds to malaria prevention. Malaria can be reduced enourmously through the use of mosquito nets and she sets about distributing mosquito nets into Africa. The film sums the situation grafically in the following account

"Did you know, that if you take every single person killed in a terrorist act around the world in the last twenty years, and you add to that all the lives lost in the Middle East since 1967 -- the 6 Day War -- and you add to that every single American life lost in Vietnam, in Korea, and in every single American engagement since then -- Iraq, Afghanistan... If you take all those lives and you multiply by two, that's the number of children that die of malaria every single year,"

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