Keep the buzzy mosquitos away and sleep peacefully this summer

3rd Dec 2013

Even if you have screens on your doors and windows when you live in Australia you are likely to have mosquitoes in your house during summer. If you are planning on camping out these summer holidays you will definately have mosquitos. Those pesky little critters can ruin your day, not to mention your nights sleep..

Additionally, mosquitos are known to carry various nasty diseases which have of recent times infected people in Australia causing terrible illness and hospitalizations. You definitely want to avoid this particularly if camping in the tropical regions of northern Australia. Particularly places like northern queensland, northern territory, northern NSW.

To keep these pesky little things away hang a mosquito net / bed canopy over your bed. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but it is amazing how many people dont have one. You can buy them in online curtain shops, curtain stores, camping shops etc. There are different styles and you can pick the one you like the best. We sell mosquito nets and bed canopies in various colors and sizes you can visit They are super cheap $19.95 and will give you a great pest free nights sleep..

Mosquito Nets / Bed Canopies with a Hoop

The nicest ones hang off of a single hoop. They look a bit like a veil a bride wears. You hang the string connected to the hoop from your ceiling, hooks are provided and then spread the netting around your bed. You can put the openning either at the side or the end of the bed. The net can hang down over the floor and has a real resort look to them. Particularly the white mosquito nets.