Blinds & Curtains by Room

Blinds and Curtains are an essential component of any successful interior design scheme. That’s why Quickfit Blinds & Curtains has always made it our mission to maintain a huge collection of ready-made and made-to-measure curtains and blinds, making it easy for you to find a curtain or blind style that’s suitable for any room inside your home. When you choose to buy from us you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, so you can be sure you’re getting high quality blinds and curtains that won’t cost the earth.

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive kitchen blinds or luxurious, custom-made curtains for your living space, we’re sure that we’ll be able to fulfil your window dressing needs. With hundreds of styles and materials to choose from, we are guaranteed to have curtains and blinds to suit all Aussie homes.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Curtains & Blinds For Different Rooms?

Having trouble deciding which curtains or blinds to use room by room? There are a number of things that you need to consider to ensure your chosen window treatment is well suited to the room you’ll be hanging them in. The right curtains and blinds will not only look great and help create the perfect atmosphere, but they should also make the room fit for purpose.

Firstly, consider which, if any, functional requirements you need your chosen window treatment to have. Think about if you would like your chosen window treatment to provide functionalities that will make the space work better for both you and your family. For instance, you’d want your bathroom blinds to provide plenty of privacy, alongside also being easy to keep clean and dry. A blind style that can offer these two qualities is likely to look perfectly at home in any bathroom space.

And speaking of privacy, one universal benefit to adding curtains and blinds to a room is that they can make that room more private. Privacy is especially important in rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Venetian blinds are great for adding privacy to any space in your home, as you can rotate the slats to block the view inside the room whilst still ensuring that daylight can filter through.

Perhaps you want more control over the amount of light in a room? For example, shift workers may need to stop light entering their bedrooms at any time throughout the day. Thankfully, we have a range of blockout curtains and blinds that are perfect for enhancing the light control capabilities of any space in your home.

Or do you simply want a window treatment that looks great and won’t block light from entering your living space? Sheer curtains are sure to add visual interest to any room and provide a small amount of privacy without blocking your view of the world beyond your window. Making these considerations above will ensure you choose a style of curtain or blind that’s well suited to you and your families unique needs.


How To Choose Curtains For Room Aesthetics

Choosing the right curtains for your room’s aesthetic is important in keeping consistency throughout your home’s interior design scheme. In order to select the right curtains to fit your room and its existing aesthetics, you’ll need to make a few basic design considerations:

Length, Size & Hang

The most basic element of your curtains is how long and wide they need to be. Before you make any purchases, you’ll need to take accurate measurements of your windows to be sure that the curtains and blinds you do purchase are the right length. By taking time to measure your windows first, you can ensure that the curtains or blinds you do purchase are a perfect fit from the get-go.

Have further questions about measuring and installing your new curtains or blinds? Explore the Quickfit website for more information and resources for all DIY designers, or contact our friendly team for additional support. 


A room is largely influenced by its colour scheme. Cool colours create a relaxed environment, whereas warm colours promote energy. And contrastingly to both of these, neutral tones allow your decor and objet d’art to shine. There are two ways you can go about selecting your curtain colours. You can either select a colour that matches your colour palette to enhance the established ambience, or you can select a colour that contrasts against your colour scheme, to install an accent curtain in your room.

Curtain Style

There are many different styles of curtains and it’s important to take into consideration how certain styles will affect the atmosphere of that interior space. These styles are influenced by things such as what type of header the curtain has, how it folds, or even how long it is. For instance, eyelet curtains provide a wider fold, making these curtains suitable for rooms with modern or minimalist aesthetics. Contrastingly, pinch pleat curtains boast a narrow fold, which can provide a classical touch, especially when paired with sheer curtains in bedrooms. 

Curtain Materials

Curtains are made from a variety of materials, with the more expensive and heavier fabrics such as velvet, silk, or damask generally providing a more opulent aesthetic. On the other side of the coin, lighter, airier fabrics like our 100% pure linen curtains, can help produce a more comfortable ambience. 

Whatever atmosphere you’d like to cultivate in your home, we’ve got the blinds and curtains to suit all rooms and all moods right here at Quickfit. We have a large range of curtains for all rooms, and we’re only too happy to work with you to help you get the right window treatment for your rooms. Simply contact us to start the process, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.