Buy Eyelet Curtains Online Today!

Eyelet curtains are one of the most popular curtain styles around today. If you are after a simple-to-install, discounted, clean, and modern-looking window covering, then the eyelet curtains are for you.

Eyelet curtains, also known as “ring top” or grommet curtains, feature 40mm metal rings sewn into the top of the curtain that allows them to easily slide over most standard-size curtain rods or poles. They are available in all sorts of fabrics from sheer to blockout. Sheer eyelet curtains provide filtered light into the room while still maintaining privacy. Conversely, blockout curtains are a heavier, jacquard-patterned fabric with an insulated coating to provide blackout from sunlight.

There are more than 100 eyelet curtain patterns and colours to choose from among QuickFit’s extensive inventory, and you can find them in sizes that will accommodate windows and sliding doors of every shape and size. We also have a large selection of fabrics available for custom or made-to-measure eyelet curtains if you require something outside of the ready-made options available.

Not sure how to choose? Ask for free fabric samples, and explore our resources on how to measure and install your eyelet curtains!