Buy Made to Measure Curtains Online

10 Day Made to Measure Curtains. If you require extra long curtains, extra short curtains, extra wide curtains, extra full curtains or you just cant find what you are looking for in ready to hang curtains, then made to measure curtains may be a solution for you. You will pay a bit more for your curtains than the standard ready made ones but we guarantee the perfect fit is always worth it. There are some super curtains available in the ready to hang section but like anything the offering of fabrics is better in the custom made section. Many of our custom made fabrics on offer have the latest technology when it comes to blocking the light, washing them, how softly they drape, the fabrics thermal properties, colourfastness and light fastness.

So, Why buy Made to Measure Curtains?

- Your Made to Measure Curtains are made exact to fit your rod or track width so there is continuity on each window and they will all have the same fullness
- Your Made to Measure Curtains will have the optimum fullness so they look luxurious and full even when closed. You don't need to do any of the calculating. We will do that for you to make sure they look great. All you need to do is supply us with the width of your track or rod. We will calculate the fullness how much fabric we need to use so they look terrific.
- Made to Measure Curtains are perfect for extra long windows or extra wide ones or for windows that don't meet the standard measurements
- Your curtains will be delivered to your door within 10 working days (remote areas may take a little longer)


The delivery cost for your curtains is $9.95 per set or window. You will be provided with a tracking number and they will be delivered to your door via DHL.

The ordering process is very simple:

  1. Choose your fabric. You can always order a free fabric sample to help.
  2. Choose the header/curtain style
  3. Enter in cm the width of your track or rod
  4. Enter in cm the height. Measuring from the top of the track or rod down to floor or where ever you want the curtain to stop
  5. Select the opening (1 curtain opening to the side or 2 curtains opening in the middle)
  6. Select the appropriate category to calculate the price from the drop down menu

For a detailed explanation of how to measure width and length click here >> measuring for made to measure curtains


The styles of curtains we can make: Eyelet Curtains, Concealed Tab Top Curtains, Pinch Pleat Curtains and Pencil Pleat Curtains