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Specializing in quality curtains at affordable prices, Quickfit Blinds and Curtains strives to be the online curtain retailer for Australia and New Zealand. Look no further than Quickfit for blockout or sheer curtain fabrics in a variety of header styles, such as eyelet, pinch pleat, or pencil pleat. Our goal is to have the most affordable collection of modern, contemporary, and traditional curtains available. To take window decor to the next level, you may be interested in textured fabrics: floral jacquard design, chunky textured, striped, linen-look, or faux silk.

Ready-Made Curtains

These styles are bought and mailed as-is, which makes them a product with a fast turn-around time. If you need curtains now that fit standard window sizes, ready-made curtains are available directly from the manufacturer. There are curtains that can fit a small budget and ones that are more stylish. Quickfit has more than 200 designs of ready-made curtains in different colours and header types.

Custom-Made Curtains

Custom curtains are ideal for very large or very small windows. When you have a uniquely sized window to cover, you can count on Quickfit to create the appropriately sized curtains in your style choice. Start by getting free fabric samples. Then, choose the header style, width, length, rod/track style, and fabric to create your very own window treatments. Custom-made curtains are created within 10 days of your order being placed.

Sheer Curtains

A lighter and more delicate style, sheer curtains are a popular style today. They are available in many different colours and every header style, including eyelet, tab, pinch pleat, and pencil pleat. The sheer fabric is great for letting the sunlight filter into the room while still maintaining privacy.

Eyelet Curtains

This style of curtain refers to the header style. An eyelet curtain is one topped with metal rings that slide over a curtain rod. It is one of the easiest curtain styles to install and is also one of the most affordable. If you have a neat curtain rod you want to show off, an eyelet header is the choice for you.

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Like eyelet curtains, pinch pleat also describes the header style. This style of curtain gives your window treatments a more traditional look. The header is sewn at the top and is collected in small pinches of fabric. This pattern causes the fabric to pleat throughout the curtain panel, thus giving it its name. Pinch pleat curtains are hung with hooks on a track.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Very similar to the pinch pleat, the pencil pleat curtain refers to how the header is sewn. Pencil pleats are thinner than pinch pleats, which give the curtain fabric more texture throughout the panel. Similarly, pencil pleat curtains are hung on a track with hooks. Quickfit offers both pinch pleat and pencil pleats in a variety of colours.

Extra Long Curtains

Looking for a curtain panel that will hang past the bottom of the window frame or pool on the floor? This contemporary style is trending right now! Extra long curtains typically rest at floor level or puddle in a stylish pile on the floor. This style comes in blockout, traditional, and sheer fabrics as well as a variety of colours and header styles.

Blockout Curtains

Blockout curtains are a thick fabric that almost completely blocks the sunlight from entering the room when the panels are drawn. Also known as thermal curtains, these panels help keep the room temperature consistent. On hot days, the closed curtains help keep the cool air inside the home; similarly, on cold days, they help keep the room warm. Blockout curtains are one of our most popular fabric types, so you will likely find a header style and fabric design that suits your fancy.

Decorative Curtains

Add a perfect touch to any room with curtains that fit your style. Decorative curtain panels are beautiful pieces of fabric that add more than just function to your home. At Quickfit, these panels come in a variety of colours, fabrics, and header styles to fit any look or theme your room may have.

Two-Tone Curtains

A new style to hit homes in recent years, two-tone curtains are panels with a majority of the fabric in one neutral colour and a block chunk of a bold colour to cap off the bottom. This is a style of curtain that is customizable. These panels add some unique drama to your room.

Children’s Curtains

Available in bright and bold colours, these can be just the right curtain panels for your kid’s room. Many of our children’s curtains are blockout fabric to help regulate a sleep routine. We also offer bed canopies/mosquito nets to drape over the bed for an added touch. We also have two-tone curtains that kids tend to love in their rooms.

Bargain Bin

If you’re looking for that high-quality curtain panel that still fits within your budget, you want to shop in Quickfit’s bargain bin. Here is where you’ll find curtains on sale. The styles are always changing based on what we have in stock. Once something is sold out of the bargain bin, you won’t see it again! Take advantage of the deals when you see the right panel for you because you never know how long it will last.

You are sure to find a curtain style and design that suits your budget and decor when you shop with Quickfit. With $9.95 flat rate delivery on all ready-made items, you can count on an affordable purchase for a quality product.

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