Curtain Rods & Tracks

As Australia’s best source of affordable curtains and accessories, we know just how important your finishings are in completing the look of a room. Curtains would not be efficient without a curtain rod or curtain tracks. You can shop through our large selection of tracks and rods online and then ship your choices to your home. 

Our stainless steel curtain rods, curtain poles, curtain brackets and curtain finials will add just what you are looking for. With plenty of metal and colour options, we have something for everyone!

A Brief Guide to Buying Curtain Rod & Curtain Tracks Online

Whichever type of curtains you intend to buy for your home you’re going to need a suitable curtain rod or curtain track to hang them with. Whether you are updating your existing curtain rod or track, or buying one of these items for the very first time, there are a number of things you should consider. To make buying curtain rods or tracks online easier below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the process. 

Choosing The Best Length For My Curtain Rod or Curtain Track

The ideal length of your chosen curtain pole is determined by the size of your windows and also end look you desire. Be sure to measure your window carefully. Remember that the curtain pole you choose must be slightly large than the window itself, this will ensure that the curtains cover the full window when drawn and also that the outer edges of the window are not visible when the curtains are open. If you intend to hang curtains that are two to three times the width of your windows for maximum fullness then you may want to install a curtain rod that is considerably wider than your window. This way, you will have adequate room for all of this material when your curtains are open without the curtains blocking the window itself. 

Choosing The Correct Diameter For My Curtain Rod

The diameter of your curtain rod it just as important the length. If you are looking to buy a curtain rod for blockout curtains that tend to be heavier than other types of window dressing then you may want to consider a thicker curtain rod. Having a thicker curtain rod for heavy curtains will mean that the curtain rod is less likely to bend or bow with the weight of the curtains. All of the curtain rods Quickfit stock are made using strong and sturdy aluminium, which make them suitable for hanging even the heaviest styles of curtains. Sheer curtains weigh much less and would, therefore, require a thinner curtain pole. 

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect curtain track or rod for your specific needs is the items overall design style. Quickfit Curtains and Blinds offers a variety of curtain track and curtain rods in a range of different finishes. When choosing your preferred finish select a curtain rod that will compliment your curtains as well as any existing features inside the home.

As well as high-quality curtain tracks and curtain rods, Quickfit sell a range of other curtain accessories such as brackets, finials and hook.