Buy Pencil Pleat Blockout Curtains Online

Pencil Pleat Blockout Curtains are a great style of curtain for creating an opulent look around your windows. The gather-tape style of the header enables you to adjust the amount of fullness in the curtain, giving you the ability to customise the look as you wish. The pencil pleat style is also a great way to update your old curtains and keep the existing track intact, as you can adjust the width of the curtains easily to suit your needs.

Available in a number of fabrics and colours to complement most interior tastes, you can find the Pencil Pleat Blockout Curtains you're searching for in our online store. The material is thicker and made to prevent light from filtering through the fabric. It also helps regulate room temperature, lowering your energy costs and helping you save money.

Do you need help choosing the right Pencil Pleat Blockout Curtain for each room in your home? Order free fabric samples, and learn more about measuring and hanging pencil-pleat curtains on our resource page.