How to Measure and Hang Pencil-Pleat Curtains

About Pencil-Pleat Curtains

This Guide is intended for Ready To hang or Ready Made Pencil Pleat Curtains. For custom made pencil pleat curtains visit Custom Made Pencil Pleat Curtains.

Pencil-pleat curtains feature folds gathered closely together to resemble a row of pencils laid side by side. They are created by pulling the cords on the heading tape and twisting them, and then tying them off tidily to keep the pleats in place. Pencil-pleat curtains can be used on curtain rods or tracks, and the widths of the pencil pleats can be altered slightly by drawing on three cords at the back of the heading tape.

There are Australian Standards for draw cords on all curtain and blind products that have strings, cords, or chains. You must make sure that the cords are tied off and not hanging down with a loop so that no child can get there head caught in the loop.


Buying the Correct Size

It is very easy to select the correct size, since pencil pleats are adjustable.

Our ready to hang pencil-pleat curtains are:

  • Sold in pairs
  • 213cm long
  • Made for standard window heights of 210cm
  • Available in four sizes
  • Made to fit windows from 80cm to 340cm

Hanging Your Pencil-Pleat Curtains

Prepare the Curtains

  1. Iron the curtains on the non-white side with a cool to medium heat iron.
  2. Your curtain rod or track should be mounted just above the window and overlap past each end of the window by approx 15-20cm. Larger windows overlap a little bit more. This is so that when the curtains are opened, they stack next to the window and not in front of the window
  3. Measure the track or pole as shown in the diagram, and halve this measurement.
  4. Pull the three cords on the back of the curtain until each curtain panel bunches up to this width. Tie the three cords off in a bow to hold the pleats in place. Don't cut the strings. If you cut the strings then you will not be able to take the curtains down to launder them. Neatly tuck the tied off cords behind the curtain.
  5. Make sure you have enough curtain hooks to match the number of rings on the track or curtain rod. We’ve included a few images of what those hooks should look like — metal and plastic are both acceptable materials.



Installing the Hooks


Once you have pulled the three strings in and set your curtains to the desired width, you need to put the hooks into the tape.

  1. Spread the desired number of hooks evenly from one end of the curtain to the other. There should be the same number of hooks as rings in the track or rod, split half and half between the two curtains.
  2. Slide the hooks into the slots in the tape. You can select from three different heights (as seen in the image). This is so you can adjust the length of the curtain to hover about 1cm off the floor.
  3. Measure from the bottom of the ring on the track or rod to the floor. 
  4. Now measure from the bottom of the curtain the same length up to the tape, and select the best position to put the hooks.
  5. Once all the hooks are in place, you are now ready to hang your curtains!